Traveler’s Guide: Tagalog Words and Phrases about Food

Tagalog Words and Phrases about Food

One of the best things to do when traveling is to try eating authentic local dishes.  Most eateries, fast food chains and restaurants all over the world write their menus in both Local Language and English format.  This helps travelers to easily communicate with the cashiers or servers of a particular establishment.

However, that’s not normally the case because in some places like France or Russia, it’s hard to find places with English translations in their menu.  Even some locals hardly speak English too.  In the Philippines, even most locals can understand and speak English, it’s still better to at least learn Tagalog Words and Phrases about Food.

Listed below are words and phrases that every traveler must know…


Can you recommend a restaurant? Maaari ba kayong mairerekomenda makakainan?
A table for two, please. Kung pwede yung mesang pangdalawahan.
I’d like a table by the window. Gusto ko ng mesa na malapit sa bintana.
I’d like a table in non-smoking area. Gusto ko ng mesa sa lugar na walang naninigarilyo.
Can I have the menu please? Maaari ba akong makakuha ng listahan ng pagkain?
What do you recommend? Ano ang mairerekomenda mo?
I’ll have whatever you recommend. Kukunin ko kung ano man ang mairerekomenda mo.
What’s this? Ano ito?
Can I have the same dish as that? Pwede bang makakuha ng parehas na putahe gaya niyan?
Do you have vegetarian dishes? Meron ba kayong putahe na walang karne?
I’d like… Gusto ko ng…
May I have a glass of water? Pwede bang makahingi ng isang basong tubig.
Bill please! Pwede bang mahingi na ang resibo ng aming bayarin?


I’m a vegetarian. Ako ay hindi kumakain ng karne.
I’m allergic to… Ako ay maselan sa…
Dairy products Produkto mula sa gatas
Honey Pulot
Nuts Mga mani
Seafood Pagkaing dagat


Beef Baka
Chicken Manok
Duck Pato
Roast Duck Inihaw na pato
Ham Hamon
Lamb Tupa
Pork Baboy
Meat Karne


Crab Alimasag
Fish Isda
Lobster Ulang
Prawn Hipon
Seafood Pagkaing dagat


What’s your favorite fruits? Ano ang paborito mong prutas?
Apple Mansanas
Banana Saging
Blackberry Blackberry
Blueberry Blueberry
Cherry Cherry
Grape Ubas
Lemon Limon
Mango Mangga
Orange Kahel
Pear Peras
Pineapple Pinya
Strawberry Strawberry
Tomato Kamatis
Watermelon Pakwan
Fruits Prutas


Breakfast Umagahan
Lunch Tanghalian
Dinner Gabihan
Salad Ensalada
Noodles Pansit
Rice Kanin
Eggs Itlog
Hamburger Hamburger
Vegetables Gulay
Bottle Bote
Bowl Mangkok
Cup Tasa
Plate Plato
Fork Tinidor
Knife Kutsilyo
Spoon Kutsara


Where is the shopping area? Saan ang pamilihan?
When does it open? Anong oras ito magbubukas?
Do you have…? Meron ba kayong…?
I’d like to buy… Gusto kong bumili ng…
Can I look at it? Pwede ko bang makita yan?
What kind of colors do you have? Anong mga kulay meron kayo?
May I try it on? Pwede ko bang maisukat ito?
I want to buy this. Gusto kong bilhin ito.
How much is it? Magkano ito.
Can you write down the price? Pwede bang pasulat ng presyo?
It’s too expensive. Hnd ito masyadong mahal.
Can you give me a discount? Pwedeng makahingi ng diskuwento?
Can I have a bag, please? Pwedeng makahingi ng supot?
Do you have others? Meron pa ba kayong iba?
Can you wrap it up for me? Pwedeng pakibalot ito para sakin?
Can you wrap these separately? Pwedeng pakibalot na ito ng hiwalay?
A receipt, please. Pwedeng makahingi ng resibo.
I’m just looking. Nagtitingin lang ako.

The list above is only few Tagalog Words and Phrases about Food that a traveler must learn.  Always have in mind that by Learning Basic Tagalog, travelers can easily understand Tagalog Words and Phrases for Traveling as well.

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