Traveler’s Guide: Learn Basic Tagalog

Learn Basic Tagalog
Vigan, Ilocos Norte

The Republic of the Philippines is a sovereign country in Southeast Asia.  It is situated in the western part of the Pacific Ocean.  It has been one of the most famous must-visit places in Asia because of its rich biodiversity.  Tourist attractions such as beaches, islands, rainforests, and mountains are few of the best destination in this archipelago.

Start to Learn Basic Tagalog that is absolute essentials when visiting the Philippines.  Below are few words and phrases such as Tagalog greetings, counting numbers, days, months, seasons, simple questions, weather and common terms…


Nice to meet you. Kinagagalak kitang makilala.
Nice to meet you too. Kinagagalak din kitang makilala.
What’s your name? Anong pangalan mo?
My name is… Ang pangalan ko ay…
How are you? Kamusta ka?
I’m fine. Mabuti naman ako.
I’m not fine. Hindi ako mabuti.
And you? Eh ikaw?
How old are you? Ilang taon ka na?
I’m… years old. Ako ay… taong gulang.
Where do you live? Saan ka nakatira?
I live in… Ako ay nakatira sa…
Have you been busy recently? Naging abala ka ba kamakailan?
Where are you going? Saan ka pupunta?
Bye Paalam
See you later Kita tayo mamaya
See you tomorrow Kita tayo bukas
Good luck Galingan mo
Take care Ingat
Congratulations Maligayang bati
Good morning Magandang umaga
Good afternoon Magandang tanghali
Good evening Magandang gabi
Happy Birthday Maligayang Kaarawan
Happy New Year Manigong Bagong Taon
Happy Easter Maligayang Pasko ng Pagkabuhay
Merry Christmas Maligayang Pasko


What? Ano?
Which? Alin?
When? Kailan?
Where? Saan?
Why? Bakit?
Who? Sino?
How many? Ilan?
How much? Magkano?


Sunday Linggo
Monday Lunes
Tuesday Martes
Wednesday Miyerkules
Thursday Huwebes
Friday Biyernes
Saturday Sabado


January Enero
February Pebrero
March Marso
April Abril
May Mayo
June Hunyo
July Hulyo
August Agosto
September Setyembre
October Oktubre
November Nobyembre
December Disyembre


Spring Tagsibol
Summer Tagaraw
Autumn Taglagas
Winter Taglamig


Zero Sero
One Isa
Two Dalawa
Three Tatlo
Four Apat
Five Lima
Six Anim
Seven Pito
Eight Walo
Nine Syam
Ten Sampu
Eleven Labing isa
Twelve Labing dalawa
Thirteen Labing tatlo
Fourteen Labing apat
Fifteen Labing lima
Sixteen Labing anim
Seventeen Labing pito
Eighteen Labing walo
Nineteen Labing siyam
Twenty Dalawampu
Twenty one Dalawampu’t isa
Twenty two Dalawampu’t dalawa
Twenty three Dalawampu’t tatlo
Twenty four Dalawampu’t apat
Twenty five Dalawampu’t lima
Twenty six Dalawampu’t anim
Twenty seven Dalawampu’t pito
Twenty eight Dalawampu’t walo
Twenty nine Dalawampu’t siyam
Thirty Tatlumpu
Forty Apatnapu
Fifty Limampu
Sixty Animnapu
Seventy Pitumpu
Eighty Walumpu
Ninety Nobenta
Hundred Isang daan
Thousand Isang libo
Ten thousand Sampung libo
Hundred thousand Isang daang libo
Million Milyon
Billion Bilyon


First Una
Second Pangalawa
Third Pangatlo
Fourth Pangapat
Fifth Panglima
Sixth Panganim
Seventh Pangpito
Eighth Pangwalo
Ninth Pangsiyam
Tenth Pangsampu


What time is it? Anong oras na?
At what time? Sa anong oras?
Morning Umaga
Afternoon Tanghali
Evening Gabi
Midnight Hating gabi
Year Taon
Month Buwan
Week Linggo
Day Araw
Hour Oras
Minute Minuto
Second Segundo
Present Kasalukuyan
Past Nakalipas
Future Hinaharap
Time Oras


What’s the weather forecast? Ano ang lagay ng panahon?
What’s the today’s temperature? Ano ang temperatura ngayon?
Do you bring the umbrella? Nagdala ka ba ng payong?
What’s the weather like? Anong klaseng panahon meron ngayon?
It’s hot. Ito ay mainit.
It’s warm. Ito ay mainit-init.
It’s cold. Ito ay malamig.
It’s foggy. Ito ay mahamog.
It’s cloudy. Ito ay maulap.
It’s dry. Ito ay tuyo.
It’s humid. Ito ay maalinsangan.
It’s rainy. Ito ay maulan.
It’s sunny. Ito ay maaraw.
It’s windy. Ito ay mahangin.
The wind is strong. Malakas ang hangin


Yes Oo
No Hindi
Thank you Salamat
Please Pakiusap
No problem Walang problema
Excuse Me Mawalang galang
Sorry Patawad
I don’t know Hindi ko alam
Do you understand me? Naiintindihan mo ba ako?
I understand. Naiintindihan ko.
I don’t understand. Hindi ko naiintindihan.
Just a moment. Saglit lang.
You’re welcome. Walang anuman

Most places around the world, like in the Philippines, recognize English as their second language. Yet, it doesn’t mean that there’s no need to Learn Basic Tagalog words and phrases.  Always remember that a traveler must be equipped not only with the money, gadgets, survival kits or other needed items for traveling but also with the knowledge of the place about their history, their culture and tradition and of course their language.

Moreover, a traveler must also learn Tagalog Words and Phrases about Food and Tagalog Words and Phrases for Traveling.  Knowing at least the commonly used Tagalog terminologies will make a traveler feel more confident when dealing with the locals.

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