Travel… Eat…. Get Inspired… Repeat…

Travel Eat Get Inspired Repeat


Traveling around the world had been my THING for the past years.  It isn’t because I do have lots of money, but only because I’m privileged enough to travel for free!  No need to check out online deals, day and night, just to get the cheapest plane ticket available.

How Did I Start my Journey Abroad?

I started my cooking career in a simple hotel with a small restaurant in the vicinity of a Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA Terminal 1).  I spent almost 2 years of my cooking career in the restaurant as I started to be an on-the-job-training, then reached the kitchen head.  Thus, I honed my managing and cooking skills because of this short time exposure.  Also, it gave me a chance to help the career of my kitchen crews and on the job trainees.

I did enjoy my stay in this restaurant as we started to grow as one, as a Family.  But of course, each one of us needs to make a clear path towards our future plans in life.  Then I’ve decided to apply to other bigger companies including Cruise Line.  The cruise line was recommended by my close friend, who happened to be my co-worker too.  Luckily, I got accepted to be a cook on a cruise ship!  My emotions are a mix up with excitement and nervousness.  Excitement since its gonna be my first time working abroad and be able to travel to different places for free.  Nervous because I’ll be living in a ship for 10 months even if I don’t know how to swim! LOL

Landing My First Ever Job Abroad

Finally, my all of a sudden dream job began.  The reality hits me!  All Perks of Working on a Cruise Line and Disadvantages of Working on a Cruise Line started to unfold during my few days of stay.  However, I maintained focus at so I can keep myself on the right track.

During my first contract, I was able to visit some parts of the United States, but mostly in the Caribbean.  Then after 5 months, we crossed Asian region and I finished my contract in Europe.  Almost everyday I go outside no matter how tired I am or how bad the weather is.  As long as I can go outside, I’m totally happy since Traveling Gave Me Quality Life Onboard.

Travel… Eat… Get Inspired… Repeat…

Each country I visited gave me the taste of their food, knowledge of their culture, fact about their famous landmarks.  Now, I can totally claim the truthfulness of the quote: TRAVEL makes you RICHER.

My journey onboard wasn’t only about getting free travel.  I also considered it as a free retreat as I started discovering myself and internalized my deep emotions.  Moreover, I uncovered too the Top Investments Overseas Filipino Workers Must have While Working Abroad and the Effective Ways on Handling Your Finances While Working Abroad.

Indeed, my whole travel did help me a lot in all aspects of my life — physically, mentally and spiritually.  I hope you too get a chance to explore the world just like what I’ve experienced.  In such case, feel free to share your stories too, I’m always here to listen! Cheers!

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