Tabasco Sauce to Tzimmes

Tabasco Sauce (tuh bas koh) An intensely hot sauce made from tabasco peppers, vinegar and salt.  The peppers used were fermented for 3 years.  The word Tabasco means “Damp Earth”.

Tacchino (tah kee noh) An Italian term for “Turkey”

Tamago (tah mah goh) A Japanese term for “Egg”.

Tamanegi (tah mah neh gee) A Japanese term for “Onion”.

Tamis (tam ee) Also known as “Tammy Cloth”.  A cloth strainer used to strain liquid mixtures.

Tartufo (tahr too foh) An Italian term for “Truffle”.

Te (Spanish: tay; Italian: teh) An Italian and A Spanish term for “Tea”.

Tee (tay) A German term for “Tea”

Thai Coffee A combination of coffee and condensed milk.

Tikka (tee kah) A famous Hindi food, skewed chunks of meat.

Timballo (teem bah loh) An Italian term for “Timbale”.

Tips An acronym for “To Insure Prompt Service”.  Generally given to people who provide outstanding service.

Tombo (tohm boh) The Hawaiian name for “Albacore Tuna”.

Tonno (toh noh) An Italian term for “Tuna”.

Topfen (top fuhn) An Austrian term for “Quark”.

Torta (tohr tuh) An Italian term for “Tart”, “Pie” or “Cake”.

Trattoria (trah toh ree ah) An Italian term for “Casual Cafe”.

Treif (trayf) A Hebrew term for “Torn”.  It refers to food that are non-kosher.

Trippa (tree pah) An Italian term for “Tripe”.

Truite (trweet) A French term for “Trout”.

Tua Lisong (too a lee song) A Thai term for “Peanut”.

Tua Lisong Kua It means “Roasted Peanuts”.

Tube Steak Also known as “Hotdog”.

Tutti Frutti (too tee froo tee) The Italian term which means “All Fruits”.  Mixed diced fruits preserved with sugar and brandy.

Tzatziki (dzah dzee kee) A Greek sauce made with plain yoghurt, chopped cucumber, minced garlic, minced dill or mint, olive oil and vinegar.

Tzimmes (tsihm ihs) A sweet Jewish dish made with fruits, meat and vegetables.  Traditionally served on Rosh Hashana.

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