My Pricey Safaga Egypt Adventure

Safaga Egypt Adventure

I’ve known Egypt because of Egypt History such as Cleopatra, Pyramids, Luxor Temple and of course its Biblical significance.  I get pretty excited when I knew about our Egypt Cruise because its gonna be my first time to visit the place.  Due to the conflict in schedule, mostly crews from different departments joined the whole day “Luxor Tour”.  But then again, nobody could stop me from exploring the beauty of Egypt as I invited two of my friends to come with me for a town tour.

The Start of our Safaga Egypt Adventure

As soon as we reached the Safaga port terminal, taxi drivers started to approach us for tour deals.  We rejected their offers because it’s quite expensive.  We kept on walking up to the cruise terminal gate until one taxi driver spotted us and gave a deal what we believed a “GOOD DEAL” for our Safaga Egypt Adventure.


Our conversation turned up to be like this…  He asked us: “Where do you want to go?”  Then we answered: “Just bring us to the best spot in the place.”  Then he said it will cost us $10 to reach the downtown and $20 to reach the city center, Hurghada.

We immediately hopped in his taxi and decided to visit first the downtown, but we saw nothing there.  So we asked the driver to better make the “U” turn then we go straight ahead to the city center.

Everybody enjoyed the Egypt travel taxi ride because it seemed like we’re on a classic movie.  We thought driving along the desert road seemed to go on forever.  Only a few small structure buildings, but more on golden brown sands all over the place.  During our trip, we also noticed some underground structures.  Our driver told us that those were served as shelter or barracks of the armies who used to defend the place during the past war.

Before, I really thought that this kind of road is just a fake desert road set-up in Hollywood studio.  I was amazed and really enjoyed the whole desert road trip because only in movies I could see this kind of view.

Taste of Egypt

As soon as we reached city center we told the driver to bring us to a restaurant so we could try some famous Egyptian foods for lunch.  We had our lunch at “El Salamony” restaurant in Hurghada.  We enjoyed different authentic Egyptian foods such as:

  • Aish Baladi – It is an Egyptian flatbread.  (comes with Baba Ghanoush)
  • Baba Ghanoush – It’s a dip or spread made from mashed cooked eggplant mixed with garlic, lemon, tahini, olive oil, and various seasonings. (5 Egp or 0.29 Usd)
  • Molokhiya – Commonly known as Jew’s Mallow.  It’s a popular vegetable dish in Middle Eastern and African countries. (7 Egp or 0.40 Usd)
  • Lisan Asfour – It is an Egyptian orzo pasta soup. (4 Egp or 0.23 Usd)
  • Roz Bil Shaareyyah – It’s a combination of rice and vermicelli noodles. (7 Egp or 0.40 Usd)
  • Kebab suit – It’s just like normal kebab served in other Middle Eastern countries.  (60 Egp or 3.39 Usd)
  • Hamam Mahshi – Also known as stuffed squab.  It is a small pigeon stuffed with rice (like roz bil shaareyyah).  It’s considered as a famous food in Egypt.  (55 Egp or 3.11 Usd)

We almost shared everything except that my friends had the kebab suit while I enjoyed my stuffed pigeon (hamam mahshi).  The pigeon wasn’t meaty, but so tasty.  Overall, all foods were truly delectable.  Our driver paid our bill since we haven’t found any money changer at that time.

As soon as we finished eating, straight from the restaurant, we went to souvenir shops.  My friends bought glow in the dark hand painted wall art Egyptian Papyrus images of Jesus (cost of 885 Egp or 50 Usd) and Mama Mary (cost of 354 Egp or 20 Usd), separately.  In my case, I’ve decided to buy the Tutankhamun Tomb for 177 Egp or 10 Usd.  Initially, I freaked out as I opened the tomb because I saw a mummified replica of his body.  I actually thought that it was just an empty tomb like a case.

*** For a quick trivia, Papyrus is an ancient material surface equivalent to paper nowadays.  Tutankhamun was an Egyptian pharaoh who led the so-called “New Kingdom” or “New Empire Period” of Egypt. ***

Before going back onboard, we’ve decided to drop by in Hurghada Senzo Mall to buy some few drinks and snacks.  It’s quite a small mall, but it offers almost everything including a money changer machine.  We’ve decided to change few dollars to get our souvenir money from their Egyptian Pound. Then we headed to the grocery store.

The moment of truth…

Time to pay our sort of Hurghada and Safaga Egypt Adventure.  The driver started to calculate everything.  First, we need to pay 10 Usd each for the Safaga city tour which we didn’t push through.  Second, our trip going to the nearby city of Hurghada for 20 Usd.  It’s quite far so I think that’s reasonable, but again we had a misunderstanding with the rate.  He cleared to us that 20 Usd each way for each person which means 40 Usd round trip for each of us!  Now we need to pay 120 Usd for that alone.  Plus the meal we had for less than 15 Usd including the drinks and his meal as well.

In total, he wanted to charge us 165 Usd.  Is it for real???  Oh well!  Anyway, we ended up paying 120 Usd for the whole Hurghada and Safaga Egypt Adventure.  We’re so disappointed, but we managed to maintain happy as we truly enjoyed the whole tour despite this crook driver who messed up with us.


*** I know our trip was sort of a disaster at the end, but I would still recommend the place.  You’ll surely enjoy everything: the wonderful place, the palatable food, and the beautiful ancient touch souvenirs.  Just be vigilant when dealing with the people.  Otherwise, you’ll end up being as hot as the Egypt weather! LOL Cheers! ***

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