Saag to Szechuan Pepper

Saag (sahg) An Indian term for “Greens”, such as collard, kale, mustard and spinach.

Sabayon (sah bah yawn) A French term for “Zabaglione”.

Sabra Liqueur (sah bruh) An Israel chocolate orange flavored liqueur.

Sale (sah leh) An Italian term for “Salt”.

Salmone (sahl moh neh) An Italian term for “Salmon”.

Salsiccia (sahl seet chyah) An Italian term for “Sausage”.

Samp A broken or coarsely ground hulled corn.

Saucisse (soh sees) A French term for “Small Sausage”.

Saucisson (soh see sawn) A large, cured, smoked sausage.

Saute (saw tay) Cooking food quickly with only small amount of fat in a skillet.

Seafood Any fish or shellfish used for food.

Sea Vegetables Also known as “Seaweed”.

Sekt (zehkt) A German term for “Sparkling Wine”.

Serviette (ser vee eht) An Australian and a British term for “Table Napkin”.

Set Allowing food to become firm.

Shiozake (shee oh zah keh) A salted chum salmon.

Shoga (show gah) A Japanese term for “Ginger”.

Shottsuru (shoht tsoo roo) A Japanese term for “Fish Sauce”.

Shoyu (shoh yoo) A Japanese term for “Soy Sauce”.

Shuck (shuhk) Removing the shell from the meat such as oysters, clams.  Also a term used to describe the peeling of husk from a corn ear.

Smorrebrod (smuhr uh bruth) A Danish open faced sandwich.

Sopa (soh pah) A Spanish term for “Soup”.

Soupe (soop) A French term for “Hearty Soup”.

Soy Margarine (soi mahr jer in) A margarine made from soybean oil.  It contains no saturated fat.

Spinaci (spee nah chee) An Italian term for “Spinach”.

Spirits A general term used to refer alcoholic beverages.

Stagiaire (stah zhee ehr) A French term for “Apprentice”.

Steep Soaking dry ingredients in liquid or water until the flavour fully infused.

Stevia A sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of a plant called “Stevia Rebaudiana”.

Straight Up Serving cocktails without ice.

Strega (stray guh) An Italian term for “Witch”.  Liquore Strega has floral herb flavor and yellow green color.  Over 70 herbs were used to make this liqueur.

Summer Sausage A dried or smoked sausage that can be kept without refrigeration.

Szechuan Pepper (sehch oo ahn) A mildly hot pepper from Szechuan, China.


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