Rabe to Rye Whiskey

Rabe (reyb) Also known as Broccoli Rabe.

Rasher (rash er) A thinly slice of meat such as bacon or ham.  2 to 3 pieces serving size.

RDA  An acronym for “Recommended Dietary Allowance”.  The recommended healthy diet for adults having the right amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals daily intake.

Reconstitute (ree kon stih too) The Culinary term used for bringing back the liquid consistency of dehydrated food.  Normally done by adding liquid or water.

Ripieni (ree pyay nee) An Italian term for “Stuffed Foods”.

Ris (ree) A French term for “Sweetbreads”.  Various glands of animals served as food

Ris de Veau Sweetbreads from calf.

Ris d’agneau Sweetbreads from lam.

Riso (ree soh) An Italian term for “Rice”.  Also refers to a rice shaped pasta.

Rissole (rihs uh lee) Frying food until crisp and brown.

Ristorante (ree stoh rahn the) An Italian term for “Restaurant”.

Riz (ree) A French term for “Rice”.

Rosato (roh sah toh) An Italian term for “Rose Wine”.

Roti (roh tee) The French term for “Roast”.

Rucola (roo koh lah) An Italian term for “Arugula”.

Rye Whiskey A smooth, rich with pronounced taste.  American whiskey contains a minumum of 51% Rye.



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