Pabellon to Pyramide Cheese

Pabellon A famous National dish of Venezuela made with black beans, shredded meat and rice.  Sometimes topped with fried egg or fried plantains.

Paillard (pi yahrd) A thin slice of chicken, beef or veal that is grilled or sauteed quickly.

Pan (pahn) A Spanish term for “Bread”.

Pan Integral (pahn in ti gruh l) A Spanish term for “Whole Wheat Bread”.

Pan Tostado (pahn toh stah duh) A Spanish term for “Toasted Bread”.

Panaderia A Spanish term for “Bakery”.

Pan di Spagna (pahn dee spah nyah) An Italian term for “Spanish Bread”.

Pane (pah nay) An Italian term for “Bread”.

Pane Francese (pah nay frahn cheh zeh) An Italian term for “French Bread”.

Pane Integrale (pah nay een the grah leh) An Italian term for “Whole Wheat Bread”.

Pane Nero (pah nay neh roh)  An Italian term for “Black Bread”.

Paneer Saag (puh neer sahg) An Indian vegetarian dish made with greens and soft cheese.

Panetteria (pah nayt tay ree ah) An Italian term for “Bread Bakery”.

Panna (pah nah) An Italian term for “Cream”.

Pasta e Fagioli (pah stah eh fah jyoh lee) An Italian term for “Pasta and Beans”.  A hearty soup made with beans, pasta, pork, vegetables, garlic and olive oil.

Pasticceria (pah steet cheh ree ah) An Italian term for “Pastry Shop”.

Pasto (pahs toh) An Italian term for “Meal”.

Patata (pah tah tah) An Italian term for “Potato”.

Pate Brisee (paht bree zay) A French term for “Short Pastry”.  A flaky, rich dough used for both savory or sweet dishes.

Pate Feuilletee (paht fuh yuh tay) A French term for “Puff Pastry”.

Paw Paw Also known as “Papaya”.

Pecora (peh koh rah) An Italian term for “Sheep”.

Pepe (pay pay) An Italian term for “Pepper”, either black or white.

Pescatora (pehs kah toh rah) An Italian term for “Fisherman”.  Any seafood dish.

Pesce An Italian term for “Fish”.

Petit Dejeuner (puh tee day zhoo nay) A French term for “Breakfast”.

Petit Pain (puh tee pan) A Fench term for “Bread Roll”.

Pflaume (pflow meh) A German term for “Plum”.

Picante (pee kahn tay) A Spanish term for “Spicy”.

Piccante (pee kahn teh) An Italian term for “Spicy”.

Pigeonneau (pee zhawn noh) A French term for “Squab”.

Pignoli (peen yoh lee) A French term for “Pine Nut”.

Pinoli (pee noh lee) An Italian term for “Pine Nut”.

Pinon (pihn yuhn) A Spanish term for “Pine Nut”.

Piquant (pee kahn) A French term used to describe a flavor that can be spicy, tart or pungent.

Pique-nique (peek neek) A French term for “Picnic”.

Piselli (pee she lee) An Italian term for “Peas”.

Pleurotte (pluhr aht) A French term for “Oyster Mushroom”.

Poha (poh hah) A Hawaiian term for “Cape Gooseberry”.

Poire (pwahr) A French term for “Pear”.

Poire (pwah ray) A French term for “Pear Cider”.

Pyramide Cheese (pih rah meed) A soft to slightlly crumbly texture, mild to sharp flavor, aged cheese from Loire Valley, France.  Perfectly match with bread, crackers or fruit.



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