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oranjestad aruba
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Cruising in Oranjestad Aruba

Oranjestad Aruba is located on the Southern portion of Caribbean Sea.  Oranjestad or “Orange Town” is considered as the capital and largest city of Aruba.

Series of boutiques and duty-free shops can already be found inside Oranjestad Aruba cruise terminal.  However, the main shopping street requires a little walk.  It may take about 5 minutes of your time.  This beautiful Caribbean place offers so many choices of boutiques, duty-free shops, stores, restaurants and even flea markets.  Tour Buses are also available on the other side of the cruise terminal if interested in site seeing adventures.

Oranjestad Aruba Currency, Language, and Weather

The currency in Oranjestad Aruba is Aruban Florin.  Just like any other places in the Caribbean, businesses all over the place accept U.S. Dollar so no need to look for a money changer.

Their language is called Papiamento or combination of Dutch, English, and Spanish.  Tourists won’t have any problem dealing with the locals as they can speak English fluently.

On the average, the temperatures are always high which made them famous for their beaches.

Top 20 Oranjestad Aruba Tourist Attractions:

  1. Alto Vista Chapel
  • A small Catholic chapel that was originally built in 1750 by a Venezuelan missionary, Domingo Silvestre.  The structure was eventually rebuilt in the same location during 1952.  The chapel influenced the conversion of Indians to Christianity.
  1. Antilla Shipwreck
  • Hamburg America Line cargo ship launched Antilla in 1939. Built for the purpose of trade between Caribbean and Germany.  Antilla is considered as one of the largest Caribbean’s shipwrecks which lie on its port side in Malmok Bay.  The shipwreck became a popular dive site.
  1. Arikok National Park
  • A park with three geological formations: the Aruba lava, the quartz diorite formation, and the limestone formation. Found inside the park are the Oldest Arawak paintings.
  1. Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations
  • Rock Boulders near the Ayo Village. Arawak people used to visit the formations to hear the incoming thunderstorms in the island.  Carved paintings in rocks or “Petroglyphs” are found in these rock formations.
  1. Bushiribana and Balashi
  • These are the two known gold smelters in Aruba.  Aruba Island Gold Mining Company built Bushiribana in 1825.  While Aruba Gold Concessions Company built Balashi in 1899.
  1. California Lighthouse
  • A lighthouse near Arashi beach. Named after the steamship California wrecked near the place on September 23, 1891.
  1. Frenchman’s Pass
  • Also known as “Franse Pas” or “Rooi Frances”, the passage wherein the Indians defended the place from the invasion of French Pirates. It is a narrow passage from the Spanish lagoon to the remains of the Balashi Gold Mill.
  1. Hooiberg
  • Derived from a Dutch word which means “Haystack”. This high volcanic formation is visible anywhere on the island.  A total of 562 concrete steps from the bottom going to the top of the mountain.
  1. Lourdes Grotto
  • A replica of the famous Our Lady of Lourdes.
  1. Mount Jamanota
  • The highest point of Aruba within the vicinity of Arikok National Park. Wild donkeys and goats roam around the mountain freely.
  1. Natural Bridge
  • A natural tourist attraction formed out of coral limestone. The bridge collapsed on September 2, 2005.
  1. Natural Pool
  • Known as “Cura di Tortuga” or “Conchi”. It is a rock and volcanic stone formation pool of water.
  1. Quadiriki Caves
  • These 3 caves are located in Arikok National Park. The caves contain Amerindian petroglyphs, stalactites, and stalagmites.
  1. Tierra Del Sol Golf Course
  • A resort complex which provides a fitness center, spa, villas and the only 18 hole golf course in Aruba. Robert Trent Jones Jr, a famous golf course architect, designed the Tierra Del Sol.
  1. Arashi Beach
  • The beach near the California Lighthouse. One of the best spot in Aruba for snorkeling.  The beach is a participant in the Aruba Reef Care Project.
  1. Baby Beach
  • A man-made lagoon located in Seroe Colorado.  Simply because of the calm water that makes it an ideal place for small children to enjoy, they came up with the name of the beach.
  1. Eagle Beach
  • One of the famous beaches in Aruba because of its soft white sands. There are lots of low rise resorts in the area.
  1. Palm Island
  • A small private island with beach and water park. It will take a 5-minute ferry ride from the main city.
  1. Palm Beach
  • The beach is famous for its high rise hotels.
  1. Rodgers Beach
  • A small beach near the west side of Baby Beach.  The place offers calm water and privacy feeling of the place.
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