Magnat Kisses Brand Conquers St Petersburg Russia

Magnat (popularly known as Magnum) became one of the most successful ice cream brand in Russia.  It earned a trendsetter reputation for launching different flavors yearly.  As a result, Unilever came up with a sub-line of ice cream now known as “Magnat Kisses”.  Magnat Kisses offer a full range of premium character of ice cream flavors.

The Mildberry team created the beautiful packaging design of Magnat Kisses.  The company became a well known international consultancy agency with a very unique business approach when it comes to product design.

As Magnat Kisses Brand conquers St Petersburg Russia, they launched 7 different exciting flavors of their premium ice cream.  These flavors are as follows:

1.  Apple Strudel

Vanilla ice cream with a note of spicy cinnamon, a touch of applesauce and pieces of pastry with nutmeg covered with white chocolate.

2.  Brunette

Ice cream with the taste of walnut and touch of chocolate sauce covered in a milk chocolate with a final touch of roasted cashews and slightly crushed cornflakes.

3.  Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate ice cream with bits of brownie cookies and touch of chocolate sauce covered with milk chocolate.

4.  Creme Brulee

Ice cream with the taste of cream brulee, a touch of cream brulee sauce and small chunks of caramelized sugar crystals covered with milk chocolate.

5.  Irish Cream

A mix of vanilla ice cream with Irish Cream liqueur and coffee ice cream with Irish Cream liqueur.

6.  Marc de Champagne & the Stubble

Luxurious ice cream with a note of Marc de Champagne sauce and strawberry puree covered with milk chocolate.  This champagne is commonly used as a filling for chocolate truffles.

7.  Pink Grenade

Ice cream with the taste of pomegranate and touch of pomegranate sauce covered with pink chocolate.



*** Magnum has been one of my favorite brands way back home though it’s quite expensive compared to the other local brands.  That being said, got really excited when I got the chance to buy the Creme Brulee flavor during my visit to St. Petersburg, Russia.  It tasted really good as I truly enjoyed every bit of the caramelized sugar crystals inside it.  Moreover, it only cost me 70 RUB.  As I traveled to other places within Europe, I had my 2nd Magnum Ice Cream Experience in Liverpool England.  Looking forward to taste other flavors worldwide.  How about you, have you ever tried any Magnum Ice Cream abroad?  Let me know if you loved it! ***

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