Hen Lin Quick Pick

Hen Lin Quick Pick
Beef and Wanton Mami with Hen Lin’s Asado Siopao and 12 oz Softdrinks

Hen Lin has been one of the most famous Dimsum Stall/Restaurant in the Philippines.  It became my all time favorite since I was a kid because I and my beloved mother used to eat together in Hen Lin after we stopped by in her office.  As I remember it right, our favorites were their signature siomai and siopao. Then a few years back, they started to launch Hen Lin Quick Pick and Yang Chow Meals as part of their new menu.

Most of the items listed below are the food variations in their menu:

1. Hen Lin Dimsum

  • Included in their Dimsum list are Hen Lin Siopao, Special Siopao, Hongkong Siopao, Mini Cupao, Siomai, Sharksfin, Butchi, Chicken Feet and Spareribs.
  • The price range is around 35 Php to 65 Php.

2. Hen Lin Noodles

  • They offer a variety of Noodles such as Chicken Asado Mami, Wanton Mami, Beef Mami, Beef Wanton Mami and Brisket Noodles.
  • The price range is around 54 Php to 80 Php.

3. Hen Lin Yangchow

  • Up in their menu are Siomai, Sharksfin, Chicken Feet and Spareribs.
  • All served with Yangchow Fried Rice.
  • The price range is around 62 Php to 85 Php.

4. Hen Lin Quick Pick

  • Their special combo meals are Siomai/Sharksfin, Hongkong Style Siopao Asado, Mini Cupao, Special Siopao and Mami with Hen Lin Siopao ( choices of Beef, Wanton, Chicken Asado or Beef Wanton Mami).
  • All served with 12 oz soft drink.
  • The price range is around 118 Php to 124 Php.

As I mentioned earlier, aside from their typical dim sum list before, they started to offer a variety of food like yang chow meals, quick pick (meal combos).  So recently, I tried their Beef Wanton Mami with Hen Lin Siopao and 12 oz Soft drinks for only 124 Php or 2.50 Usd.  Their tasty beef broth is served with 3 pieces of beef (small, cubed), 1 piece wanton and approximately 1 cup of the flat, thick noodles.  Both siopao and soft drinks are of regular size.  Though initially, I thought that their serving size for the Mami is not quite as generous as expected.  I found myself full after finishing my meal.  Happy Tummy, as always!


*** Senior Citizens may avail 30% discount in any meal of their choice.  As an example, my Beef Wanton Mami Quick Pick will cost only 87 Php or 1.74 Usd (based on 1 Usd to 50 Php Conversion).  Know your own currency conversion with this tool “Currency Converter“. ***

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