French Inspired Town Akaroa New Zealand

Akaroa New Zealand

This small town lies in the South Island of New Zealand.  Almost all street names, architectures, cultures, and cuisine clearly reflect the French influence as a result of French government conquered the place.  Nowadays, it became a popular resort town as swim with the dolphins’ tour has been the place major tourist activity.

Walking Along Akaroa Harbour

Akaroa is a small beautiful paradise located in New Zealand.  The port area isn’t that huge so the island is only accessible with the use of a tender boat.

Just a few walks from the port terminal gate, on the left side, I found series of souvenir shops and restaurants.  On the right side are inns and houses.   Some seaside benches are available too for relaxation while enjoying the bay view.

As I continued walking towards the right direction, I had a clear sight of the place historic Akaroa Head Lighthouse. The only challenge here was the sort of uphill road I needed to pass through.  It may take 15 minutes to reach the lighthouse.

Upon reaching the lighthouse, I immediately noticed the wonderful view of yachts together with the other cruise ships.  The place organized their own Akaroa Yacht Club (Incorporating Akaroa Cruising Club and Akaroa Sailing Club). If interested, here are the details of their yacht club: Website: and Email:


Akaroa Lighthouse

The Historic Akaroa Lighthouse

Akaroa Lighthouse is exhibited in 1880. On the 4th of October 1980, the lighthouse was moved from the Akaroa Head to its new existing location.

The lighthouse is 270 ft above sea level, but the tower itself is 28 ft in height. The white light flashes of it appear once every 10 seconds. These flashes can be seen for as far as 23 miles. The lighthouse is supported mainly by electricity and one diesel generator in case of emergency.

French Inspired Town Akaroa New Zealand

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to eat in any of their restaurants nor to buy many souvenirs because I find their foods and collectible items way too expensive. Though most of their souvenir items are really good in quality despite its limited designs. Of course, I won’t leave the place without bringing even just one souvenir with me. I got 1 magnet which cost me a bit higher (at $6) with a design of the Akaroa Lighthouse. The magnet is made of a thin rubberish magnet with the printed picture on it.

I didn’t go all around the place, but luckily I found one grocery store just across the street. Before going back to the ship, I bought some foods like crackers, drinks, etc. The shop offers a variety of items such as fresh loaves of bread, chips, sodas, chocolates, gums, etc.

One thing I love about this place is their free wifi. You can simply sit, relax and enjoy the wifi connection by just staying in those nearby benches. As I visited other places in New Zealand like Cadbury Chocolate Capital Dunedin New Zealand, I could say that visitors can enjoy free wifi most of the time.


French Inspired Town Akaroa New Zealand
French Inspired Town Akaroa New Zealand

Top 8 Akaroa attractions

1.  Akaroa Harbour

  • The harbor is caldera of an extinct volcano in the Canterbury Region of New Zealand.

2.  The Giant House

  • It was a French Style house which served as a work of art of Martin.  Now set-up as a popular Bed and Breakfast in Akaroa.

3.  Mosaic Sculpture Garden

  • Definitely, a must see garden inside the vicinity of the Giant House.  It showcases extraordinary sculptural wall mosaic, welded steel sculptures, and colorful plants.

4.  Akaroa Museum

  • Mainly focused on the history of Banks Peninsula.  The museum conserves all historical collections of art, costume, photography, technology, and textile in Akaroa.

5.  Akaroa Lighthouse

  • This has been replaced, moved, reconstructed and preserved by local authorities to serve as an iconic landmark of the place.

6.  Otepatotu Scenic Reserve

  • A reserve with a panoramic view over the harbor.  Ideal for those who love hiking.

7.  Hinewai Reserve

  • It served as a forest reserve site in Akaroa.  Wonderful place for a wildlife tour.

8.  Garden of Tane

  • The best place to wander because of the native plants and exotic trees grown here.  Just a quite few steps from Akaroa Lighthouse.


*** Akaroa offers more attractions aside from what is listed above.  Most of these attractions are nature inspired.  I highly recommend this New Zealand’s gem to everybody.  Make sure to spare enough budget so you can enjoy eating high-quality seafood restaurants and buying fantastic souvenirs.  ***

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