Start with Nothing to have Everything...
Start with Nothing to have Everything…


Compilation of food related words in specific languages such as English and British. FOODictionary contains all the definitions, histories, pronunciations and other information of a single Culinary word you need to know to improve your food vocabulary skills.

Foodictionary from A to Z:

Abaisser to Akala

Akule to Angels on Horseback

Angels Share to Azuki Bean

Baba to Bavarian Cream

Bavarois to Byrrh

Cabbage to Cynar

Dacquoise to Duxelles

Earl Grey Tea to Eyes

Fagioli to Fuzzy Navel

Gado Gado to Gyro

Habanero Chile to Hyssop

Iberico Cheese to Izarra

Jack to Jus Lie

Kaas to Kushiyaki

Lactic to Lyonnaise Sauce

Macadamia Nut to Mustard Oil

Naan to Nyons Olive

Oats to Ozoni

Pabellon to Pyramide Cheese

Qaymeh to Quinquinelle

Rabe to Rye Whiskey

Saag to Szechuan Pepper

Tabasco Sauce to Tzimmes

Udon to Usuzukuri

Vacherin to Vouvray

Waffle to Wurst

Xanthan Gum to Xylitol

Yabby to Yuzu

Za’atar to Zwieback

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