Famous Toppings for Pizza Around the World



Toppings for Pizza

Pizza is a famous Italian snack since 10th century.  It is made up of flat bread usually topped with tomato sauce with different selection of toppings for pizza such as meats, vegetables and other condiments.

Below are 13 of the most famous Toppings for Pizza all over the world:

1. Amsterdam

  • Hotdogs

2. Japan

  • Squid

3. Costa Rica

  • Coconut

4. Australia

  • Pineapple, shrimp and barbecue sauce

5. India

  • Pickled ginger, minced mutton and paneer

6. Brazil

  • Green peas

7. France

  • Bacon, fresh cream and onion

8. Pakistan

  • Curry

9. Russia

  • Mackerel, salmon, sardines, tuna and red onions

10. China

  • Thousand island dressing and eel

11. Germany

  • Sunny side up egg

12. Netherlands

  • Double cheese, double meat and double onion

13. Greece

  • Feta cheese, fresh tomato, oregano, olives, onion, green pepper and pepperoni

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