Earl Grey Tea to Eyes

Earl Grey Tea The popular brand name of black tea named after Charles Grey.  The Earl Grey Tea recipe was given by a Chinese friend of Grey.

Eau De Vie (oh deuh vee) A French phrase which means “Water of Life”.  It describes any odorless, powerful brandy or distilled spirit from a fermented fruit juice.

Ebi The Japanese term for “Shrimp”.

Eccles (ehk uhls) A small domed pastry with a dried mixed fruit filling inside.  It was named after the town Eccles of Lancashire, England

Eclair (ey klair) A finger shaped, cream filled choux pastry topped with sweet icing.

Ecrevisse (ay kreh vees) A French term for “Crayfish”.

Eyes The holes produced by harmless bacteria, formed because of Carbon Dioxide, in cheeses.

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