Wayang Chili Durian Chocolate

Durian as Fruit

Durian grows typically in places with a warm climate like in South East Asian countries.  This thorny fruit can be round or oblong in shape while green or brown in color.  What makes durian unique is its horrible smell behind its rich creamy flesh.  Just like any other fruits, Durian has health benefits.  Now, different countries started to introduce Durian as the main ingredient of some of their sweet treats which include Durian Chocolate.

Eating Durian for the First Time

I ate Durian fruit for the first time when I was still 9 years old.  Quite young for me to exactly recall my eating experience at that time.  All I can remember now is that I enjoyed the taste of it as I find myself interested in trying a piece of Durian Chocolate.

Love for Durian Chocolate

Wayang Chili Durian Chocolate is an Indonesian brand of milk chocolate with durian cream filling.  The smoothness of the chocolate perfectly matched the sticky creamed durian filling.

When I opened a single foil pack, the fragrance of the Durian started to fill the air but quickly subsided.  As soon as I had my 1st bite of the chocolate only, my senses immediately recognized the aroma of the durian.  I almost choked up after that very first bite but managed to recover after drinking some water.

The smell became much stronger than ever when I had my 2nd bite.  This time I had both chocolate and filling inside my mouth.  I ended up coughing so hard, then decided to drink again.  Some filling stuck in between my teeth which made me things terrible for me.

I ended up finishing the chocolate by pinching my nose while eating.  I found it very effective, but I lost the enjoyment of eating it.  Truly, the smell gives the thrill and excitement.

Eating this chocolate in three bites made the odor more intense inside my mouth.  I tried washing the odor off by drinking water, but find it ineffective.  I’ve just decided to brush my entire mouth (as in my gums, teeth, and tongue) as the smell stayed inside.


*** If I to compare a Durian fruit to this Durian Chocolate, it would be fairly the same. As both have the same horrible smell and rich taste.  I ate another piece of it as I honestly get used to its smell.  What I like most is that the manufacturer maintained the balance of sweetness of both durian and chocolate.  One box of Durian Chocolate will cost you 107k IDR or 390Php or 7.50Usd.  Better try it for yourself! ***

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