Famous Country Nicknames and Their Backstories (Part 3)

Below is the list of Country Nicknames Part 3:

1. Ireland – The Emerald Isle

  • Its nickname stems from its beautiful geography of green countryside and lush landscapes.  The nickname first appeared in William Drennan’s poem, “When Erin first rose”.

2. Israel – The Holy Land

  • According to biblical scholar, the place referred as “Holy” because of its association with the birth, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus while “Land” since its the land of Jews, the people of Jesus

3. Italy – The Boot

  • Its mountainous and coastal regions spread throughout Italy shaped like a boot.

Country Nicknames Part 3

4. Japan – Land of the Rising Sun

  • The original name of Japan is Nihon which means “the Sun’s Origin”.  Another reason for its nickname was based from a Chinese point of view.  Chinese people noticed that the sun rises from the direction of Japan so they referred to it as the”Land of the Rising Sun.

5. Lebanon – Switzerland of the Middle East

  • Called as such because of the similarities between the two countries, Lebanon and Switzerland.  Similarities such as their picturesque mountains and their tradition of banking.

6. Lesotho – The Kingdom in the Sky

  • Known as the Kingdom in the Sky because it’s situated on a highland plateau within South Africa.  Thus, the place panoramic view consists of mountains, valleys, and rivers.

7. Madagascar – The Red Island

  • Named as such because of its abundance of a mineral, known as “Laterite” or “Red Soil”, in the Central Highlands.  The intense commercial exploitation of the rainforest which eventually led to heavy erosion exposing the laterite soil all over Madagascar.

8. Mongolia – Land of the Blue Sky

  • The terrain of Mongolia is considered as one with mountains and rolling plateaus in Central Asia.  The place used to experience extreme continental weather condition which consists of extremely hot summer and very cold winter.  2/3 of the whole year appeared to be cloudless in the area.


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