Famous Country Nicknames and Their Backstories (Part 1)

Listed below are 8 Country Nicknames Part 1 and stories behind calling them such…

Country Nicknames Part 1
Torshavn – The Capital City of Faroe Island

1. Afghanistan – Graveyard of Empires

  • The place itself has been a battleground of empires.  The most notorious country which is hard to conquer and even to govern.  None of the conquerors became very successful to maintain their permanent rule in this country.

2. Albania – Land of the Eagles

  • Albania used eagle as a symbol for their country which includes their national flag.  Its nickname “Land of the Eagles” is based on a legendary story about a young man who killed a snake just to protect a baby eagle against danger.  To show gratitude, the mother eagle gave the young man better vision and strength.

3. Australia – Land Down Under

  • Known as the “Land Down Under” because of its position in the Southern Hemisphere.

4. Belarus – The White Rus

  • White Rus also known as White Russia or Ruthenia refers to the Eastern Slavic lands belonging to Belarus.  The word Ruthenia is the Latin version of “Rus”.  “White Russia” became an obsolete expression nowadays.

5. Bhutan – Land of the Thunder Dragon

  • Coined as such because of the sparkling light of thunderbolts produced by violent and huge thunderstorms that slap down through the valleys from the Himalayas.  People believed that these thunderbolts were red fire of a Dragon.

6. Brazil – Pindorama (Land of the Palms)

  • Tupi people were considered as one of the most indigenous people in Brazil.  These native people named Brazil as “Pindorama” which means “Land of the Palms” because palms grow throughout the country.

7. Canada – The Great White North

  • “Great” because of being 2nd largest country in the world.  “White” because the country as being perpetually covered in snow.  “North” because of its location in United States.

8. Chile – Land of Poets

  • The country was named as such because Chileans give high value to their poetry tradition.


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