Coolest European Style Hotdog Sandwich

Coolest European Style Hotdog Sandwichn

Hotdog Sandwich typically refers to a sausage served in a split roll.  There are different kinds and types of sausages available in different places around the world.  Sausages usually made of ground meat of either beef, chicken, pork or veal along with other spices or flavorings. Gamy sausages started to conquer the market as well.

How Do They Serve European Style Hotdog Sandwich?

The European Style Hotdog Sandwich uses a bun with one side or tip cut off.  Then punched a hole inside the soft part of the bun using the heated metal spike.  To assemble, put first all the condiments (such as ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard) inside the “Pocket Hotdog Bun” and then simply rotate or push hotdog while inserting it into the bun.

European Style Hotdog Sandwich

Eating European Style Hotdog Sandwich for the First Time

I had my first European Style Hotdog Sandwich in St. Petersburg, Russia during an event.  There were so many food stalls around the vicinity at that time which encouraged me to eat while visiting St Petersburg Russia tourist attractions.  The presentation of this sandwich is something new to me which gave me a lot of excitement, but hesitant as well.  Hesitant because I’m not fond of eating baguette style bread or any hard crusted bread.  As a food lover, I still bought one for myself.  I was amazed because my first bite wasn’t what I expected.  The bread is sort of chewy, but really soft in the inside and the hotdog taste really good!  I was able to enjoy my sandwich for only 80 Rubles or 1.40 Usd or 73 Php.  Absolutely affordable.  Something that I can eat on the go.  As I enjoyed my first hotdog sandwich in Europe, I’ve decided to try it again in Tallinn, Estonia.  Almost same price because I got mine for about 1.20 Euro or 1.47 Usd or 77 Php.


*** FYI: For all first timers in St. Petersburg Russia, you guys might find it difficult to communicate with their locals as most of them don’t speak and understand English.  Despite this communication barrier, they will manage to win your heart as you could still feel how approachable these people. ***

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