Famous Country Nicknames and Their Backstories (Part 3)

Below is the list of Country Nicknames Part 3: 1. Ireland – The Emerald Isle Its nickname stems from its beautiful geography of green countryside and lush landscapes.  The nickname first appeared in William Drennan’s poem, “When Erin first rose”. 2. Israel – The Holy Land According to biblical scholar, the place referred as “Holy” because of its association with the birth, ministry, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus while “Land” since its the land of Jews, the people of Jesus 3. Italy – The Boot Its mountainous and coastal regions…

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Famous Country Nicknames and Their Backstories (Part 2)

Below is the list of Country Nicknames Part 2: 1. China – The Red Dragon Red Dragon represents good fortune, power and success in Chinese culture. The traditional color is usually used in celebrations as Red is commonly associated with fire, heart, luck and passion. 2. Egypt – The Gift of the Nile Herodotus, a Greek Historian, called Egypt as such because the Nile River provides resources needed by the Egyptian Civilization. 3. England – Land of Hope and Glory In year 1902, Edward Elgar wrote the British patriotic song…

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Famous Country Nicknames and Their Backstories (Part 1)

Listed below are 8 Country Nicknames Part 1 and stories behind calling them such… 1. Afghanistan – Graveyard of Empires The place itself has been a battleground of empires.  The most notorious country which is hard to conquer and even to govern.  None of the conquerors became very successful to maintain their permanent rule in this country. 2. Albania – Land of the Eagles Albania used eagle as a symbol for their country which includes their national flag.  Its nickname “Land of the Eagles” is based on a legendary story…

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Best Hot Dogs Around the World

Below is list of the top 40 Best Hot Dogs Around the World: 1.  New York, New York Hot dog in a bun served with mustard, onion and sauerkraut. 2.  Seattle, Washington Hot dog in a bun served with bratwurst, cabbage (chopped), cream cheese, jalapeno (sliced) and sriracha. 3.  Sonora, California Hot dog in a split soft roll served with avocado (chunks), mayonnaise, onions, relish and tomato. 4.  Tijuana, California Bacon wrapped hot dog in a white bun served with onion, peppers (grilled and sliced) and jalapeno. 5.  Los Angeles,…

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Famous Toppings for Pizza Around the World


  Pizza is a famous Italian snack since 10th century.  It is made up of flat bread usually topped with tomato sauce with different selection of toppings for pizza such as meats, vegetables and other condiments. Below are 13 of the most famous Toppings for Pizza all over the world: 1. Amsterdam Hotdogs 2. Japan Squid 3. Costa Rica Coconut 4. Australia Pineapple, shrimp and barbecue sauce 5. India Pickled ginger, minced mutton and paneer 6. Brazil Green peas 7. France Bacon, fresh cream and onion 8. Pakistan Curry 9. Russia…

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9 British Tea Drinking Habits

drinking tea british way

    It was believed that drinking tea in England started during 16th century when Dutch and Portuguese traders started to import it.  At first, tea is considered as an upper class drink in Europe and eventually developed as every social class drink. Below are the most common British Tea Drinking Habits that everyone should know… 1. Under no circumstance should one ever sip tea from the spoon. 2. One must sip, not slurp one’s tea. 3. One should add milk once the tea has brewed. 4. One must never hold…

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