6 Steps of Proper Hand Washing

hand washing

Discussed below are the Step by Step Hand Washing Procedure which can help protect your health and other people around you. 1. Wet Remove any jewelry.  Wet hands first with warm water. 2. Soap Always use soap. 3. Lather Lather hands well including including above the wrists. 4. Wash Work soap over all surfaces thoroughly including wrists, palms, back of hands between fingers and under fingernails.  Rub hands together for at least 15 to 20 seconds. 5. Rinse Rinse hands thoroughly under running water.  Do not touch the side of…

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10 To Do Things When Discovering a Fire

Kitchen Fire

Fire can spread faster than a blink of an eye.  It takes minutes to create a black smoke to fill a house.  Due to the imminent danger, Government Official started a Campaign to educate all individuals about the basic fire prevention techniques.  Below are the Top 10 to do things when discovering a fire. 1. Stay call when you discover a fire. 2.  Call for some help or call fire fighters immediately. 3.  Alert other people inside the place. 4.  Extinguish the fire only if possible. 5.  Close all air…

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