Cabbage to Cynar

Cabbage (kab ij) A short stemed, edible head cruciferous vegetable which belongs to mustard family.

Cabernet Franc (ka behr nay frahn) A less acidic, not quite full bodied red wine grape.

Cabernet Sauvignon (ka behr nay soh vihn yohn) A high quality red wine grapes.

Cabinet Pudding A classical English dessert made with ladyfingers soaked in a liqueur, dried mixed fruit and custard.  Usually served with Cream Anglaise.

Cabra (kah brah) The Spanish term for “Goat”.

Cabrito (kay bree toh) A Spanish term for “Kid”.

Cacao (kah kay oh) A tropical evergreen tree cultivated for its seeds.  The source of cocoa powder and chocolate.

Cafe (ka fay) A Frech term for “Coffee”.

Caffe (ka fay) An Italian term for “Coffee”.

Cafe au Lait (ka fay oh lay) A French term for “Coffee with Milk”.  Made with equal portion of strong regular dark roasted coffee with milk.

Cake Flour A low gluten flour made from finely ground soft wheat.  Commonly used in making cake and similar baked items.

Calabacita (kahl ah bah see tah) The Spanish term for “Zucchini”.

Calamari (kal uh mahr ee) An Italian term for “Squid”.

Caldo (kahl doh) An Italian term for “Warm” or “Hot”.

Calorie (kal uh ree) A unit measuring the energy value of food.

Camaron (kah mah rohn) A Spanish term for “Shrimp”.

Caneton (kihn tohn) A French term for “Duckling”.

Canneberg (kayn bayrahj) A French term for “Cranberry”.

Cannella (kahn nehl lah) An Italian term for “Cinnamon”.

Cappa Santa (kah pah sahn tah) An Italian for “Scallop”.

Carciofi Ripieni An Italian term for “Stuffed Artichokes”.

Cruciferous (krew sih fer uhs) A high in fiber, vitamins and minerals vegetables, such as Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Chard, Kale, Mustard Green, Rutabaga and Turnip.

Cynar (chee nahr) A bitter Italian aperitif made from combining artichokes, herbs and flavorings.  Typically served with ice and soda water.

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