Bridgetown Barbados

bridgetown barbados
Barbados Cruise Terminal

Cruising in Bridgetown Barbados

Bridgetown Barbados is one of the best tourist spots of Caribbean.  Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados.  It is considered as the largest city in Barbados which made it as a major West Indies cruising destination.

The Bridgetown Barbados cruise terminal shopping center is a mile away from the pier area, therefore, free shuttle ride is provided for both cruise passengers and cruise crews. Inside the terminal, there are lots of shops (including duty-free shops) and installs where visitors can find local crafts and souvenirs of Barbados.

Tour shuttles are available for those who want to visit landmarks or points of interest in Barbados on the other side of the cruise terminal.

Bridgetown Barbados have their own currency, the Barbadian Dollar. However, U.S. Dollar is widely accepted in the country.

17 Must See Place in Barbados

1. 1. Harrison’s Cave

  • This natural cave was discovered in the year 1795. It has the most beautiful geological features of stalactites and stalagmites in Barbados, making it as the number 1 tourist attraction of the place. It can be access by riding a tramway.

2. St. Nicholas Abbey

  • A sugar plantation house in Saint Peter, Barbados during 1658. It is considered as one of the 3 genuine Jacobean mansions built by Colonel Benjamin Berringer. The house was named after George Nicholas, husband of Berringer’s granddaughter.

3. Animal Flower Cave

  • A sea cave located in the Northern part of St. Lucy, Barbados. The place was discovered by two English explorers. Found inside the cave are Animal Flowers or “Sea Anemones”. The flower has tentacles that can sting which will lead to paralysis of victim.

4. Garrison Savannah Racetrack

  • A horse race track located within the Garrison Historic Area near Bridgetown. The horse racing started since the time that British Garrison stayed in the place.

5. Barbados Museum Historical Society

  • A museum full of artifacts, built in 1933. Sir John Saint, President of the Society (1946-1959), has been a notable member of the society.

6. George Washington House

  • A historical house in Barbados visited by President George Washington when he was still 19 years of age. The property has been protected and designated as World Heritage Site. It is currently owned and maintained by the Barbados National Trust.

7. Flower Forest

  • A horticultural park near the village of Saint Joseph in Barbados. Originally, the 50 acre land was a sugar plantation, before it was developed as a scenic garden park.

8. Andromeda Gardens

  • A botanical garden also in the village of Saint Joseph. The garden started at the home of Iris Bannochie, a known horticulture expert in Barbados.

9. Bottom Bay

  • One of the most famous beach in Barbados. It is located between Cave Bay and Palmetto Bay.

10. Parliament Buildings

  • Also known as “The Public Buildings” or “Parliament House”. This Neo-Gothic architectural style building was built around 1870 – 1874.

11. Kensington Oval

  • A stadium in the Western part of Bridgetown. It is the most famous sporting facility used for cricket.

12. Nidhe Israel Synagogue

  • The only Synagogue in Bridgetown, Barbados. It is considered as the oldest Synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, maintained by Barbados National Trust.

13. Sandy Lane

  • A Five Star beachfront resort in Saint James, Barbados. It was an old sugar plantation before it was developed as a beach with luxury hotel and golf course.

14. Miami Beach Barbados

  • A famous sandy beach in Oistins, Barbados. The best beach for surfing and boarding.

15. Morgan Lewis Windmill

  • The only restored sugar mill in Barbados and considered as one of the Seven Wonders of Barbados. It is currently maintained by Barbados National Trust.

16. Bussa Emancipation Statue

  • A “Breaking of Chains” statue in the Eastern part of Bridgetown, Barbados. The statue was made by Karl Broodhagen. It is a sculpture of a man name, Bussa, who was once a slave then became a slave rebellion leader.

17. Mount Hillaby

  • The highest point on the Eastern part of Barbados.
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