Barbadian Dollar (BBD)

Barbadian Dollar


Barbadian Dollar


Barbadian Dollar (BBD) has been the currency used in Barbados since 1935.  The government issued Coins in denominations of 1c, 5c, 10c, 25c and $1.  Bank Notes in denominations of $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.  The Central Bank of Barbados is the monetary authority that manages the currency, money supply and interest rates of Barbados.

Portraits and Designs of Barbadian Dollar Bills and Coins

  • 100 Barbadian Dollar

Grantley Herbert Adams (1898-1971), founder of the Barbados Labour Party, was a Barbadian and a British West Indian Statesman.  He became the president of the Barbados Workers’ Union from 1941 to 1954.  An airport located in Christ Church, Barbados was named after him.

  • 50 Barbadian Dollar

Errol Walton Barrow was a Caribbean Statesman and an enlisted Royal Air Force.  He became the First Prime Minister of Barbados under the Barbados Labour Party.

  • 20 Barbadian Dollar

Samuel Jackman Prescod (1806-1871) was a Journalist, a Judge, and a Politician. He became the first African descent who was elected to the Parliament of Barbados in the year 1843. A tertiary level institution in Barbados was named after him.

  • 10 Barbadian Dollar

Charles Duncan O’Neal (1879-1936) was a Physician and aPolitical Figure in Barbados. In 1924, he founded the Radical Democratic League. A bridge located in Bridgetown, Barbados was named after him.

  • 5 Barbadian Dollar

Frank Mortimer Maglinne Worrell (1924-1967) was a West Indies Cricketer and a Jamaican Senator.  In 1950, he became the first black captain of the West Indies Cricket Team.

  • 2 Barbadian Dollar

John Redman Bovell (1855-1928) was a Scientist and an Agronomist.  He was the superintendent of Agriculture of Barbados who saved the sugar industry in Barbados.  He became well known because of his genetic experiments that made Barbados the leading cane breeding station in the whole world.

  • Barbadian Dollar

Flying Fish is found in warm waters surrounding Barbados that made the place known as the “Land of the Flying Fish”. The fish is considered one of the national symbols of the place.

  • 25 cents

Windmills in Barbados holds the spot of having the second highest number of windmills per square mile in the world. In 1846, it was noted that the place had a total of 506 windmills. One of these windmills, Morgan Lewis Windmill, was restored and currently maintained by Barbados National Trust. It made open to the public for an exhibit of the equipment used to produce sugar back on the time that wind power is still in use.

  • 10 cents

Bird proves that Barbados birds are some of the most beautiful creatures throughout the Caribbean. The most common bird in the place is the blackbird (Quiscalus Lugubris).

  • 5 cents

Lighthouse serves as one of the main attraction in Barbados. There is a total of four lighthouses (Ragged Point, South Point, Needham’s Point and Harrison Point) in the place, but only one active lighthouse (South Point) remained and currently operated by Barbados Port, Inc. This active lighthouse is located at the South Coast of the Island.

  • 1 cent

Broken Trident symbolizes the independence of Barbados from England. Each point of the trident represents three principles: Democracy, Government, and People.

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