Baba to Bavarian Cream

Baba (bah buh) Also known as “Baba Au Rhum”.  A spongelike raisin studded yeast cake soaked with rum syrup.

Baba Ghanoush (bah bah gah noosh) A famous Middle Eastern spread or dip made with pureed mixture of garlic, eggplant, lemon juice, olive oil and tahini.

Babaco (buh bah koh) A subtropical parthenocarpic tree from Ecuador.  It has a greenish yellow egg shaped fruit with five flattened facets.

Babka (bahb kah) A Polish rum scented, sweet yeast bread with almonds, orange peel and raisin.

Bacalao (bah kah lah oh) A Spanish term for “Dried Salted Cod”.

Bacardi (bah kahr dee) A daiquiri variation, classic cocktail made with light rum, fresh lime juice and grenadine.

Baccala (bah kah lah) An Italian term for “Dried Salted Cod”.

Backerei (bay kah ri) A German term for “Bakery”.

Backpflaume (bahk pflow meh) A German term for “Prune”.

Back of the House It refers to the kitchen area and staff of a restaurant business.

Bacon A cured and smoked side of pork with sweet flavor and crispy texture when cooked.

Bacon Bits It refers to crispy pieces of bacon typically used as garnish or topping.

Bacon Grease It refers to the fat accumulated from cooked bacon.

Bacteria (bak teer ee uh) Microscopic one celled organisms which can cause food borne disease.

Bagatelle (bag ah tehl ah) A French term for “Trifle”. A sponge cake made with crème diplomat and strawberry slices. Also known as “Fraisier” which means “Strawberry”.

Bagel (bay guhl) A doughnut shaped roll with chewy texture and shiny crust. Commonly boiled first in water before baking it to lessen its starch content and to make it chewy.

Bagged Cookies Cookies made by piping dough with the aid of a pastry bag.

Bagna Cauda (bahn yah kow dah) A sauce made with anchovies, butter, garlic and olive oil from Piedmont, Italy.

Bagno Caldo An Italian term for “Hot Bath”.

Baguette (bag eht) A long, narrow, cylindrical loaf with crisp brown crust and airy interior. Also known as “French Bread”.

Baguette Pan A long metal pan used in making French bread.

Bai Tong (bi tong) A Thai term for “Banana Leaves”. Commonly used as a wrap when boiling, roasting and steaming foods.

Bain Marie (beyn muh ree) A hot water bath container used for keeping hot foods.

Bake A dry heat cooking method using an oven.  The term usually applies when cooking breads, fish, pastries and vegetables.

Baked Alaska A dessert cooked in an oven, with a sponge cake base and ice cream on top of it, covered with a meringue.

Baked Egg Also known as “Egg En Cocotte” or “Shirred Egg”.  A baked egg placed in an individual serving dish and cooked in the oven.

Baked Pudding A oven baked custard with starchy ingredients on it.

Bakers’ Cheese A cottage cheese with slightly tangy flavor. Typically used in making blintzes, cheese cakes, pastries and pies.

Baking Blind Also known as “Par Baking”.  The cooking of pie crust alone without adding any filling.

Baking Powder A leavening agent containing baking soda and moisture absorber.

Baking Sheet A flat metal sheet used when baking cookies, biscuits and breads.

Baking Stone A flat, heavy, thick, round or rectangular stone plate used when baking bread and pizza. It has high heat retention and even heat distribution quality.

Baking Soda Also known as “Sodium Bicarbonate”.  A leavening agent used in baked items.

Baklava (bahk lah vah) A sweet dessert made with chopped nuts, phyllo pastry and spices. Commonly served in triangular shape and topped with ground nuts. A famous pastry in Greece and Turkey.

Balachan (bahl ah shahn) A flavoring made with sardines, shrimp and small salted fish that have been fermented under the sun until very pungent and odorous. Commonly used in cuisines of Southeast Asian countries.

Baldo Rice (bal oh) A short grain rice stickier than arborio rice. Commonly used in making risotto.

Baldwin Apple A variety of apple with red skin, crisp texture and mildly sweet-tart flavor.

Ballotine (bal loh teen) Also known as “Meat Roll”.  A piece of meat that has been boned, stuffed, rolled and tied. Normally cooked by braising or roasting and served hot or cold.

Balsamella (bal sah mehl ah) An Italian term for “Bechamel”.

Bamboo Shoot An edible kind of bamboo plant with tender, crisp texture and ivory color. Commonly available in Asian markets.

Banana A fruit grown in warm and humid countries. Unripe banana has green color while ripe banana has yellow color.

Banana Flour A flour made with dried special bananas.

Banana Leaves Commonly used as a food wrapper when baking or steaming fish, meat, rice and vegetables.

Bananas Foster A Brennan’s Restaurant popular dessert made with sliced banana sautéed in mixture of banana liqueur, brown sugar and rum. Commonly served with vanilla ice cream. It was named after Richard Foster, a regular Brennan’s customer.

Banana Split A dessert made with half lengthwise banana, topped with 3 scoops of different ice cream flavors and drizzled with sweet syrup. Typically served in an oblong size bowl.

Banana Squash A winter squash with large oval shape, red orange skin and orange flesh. Commonly cooked by baking, simmering or steaming.

Bandaging A technique of lining cheese molds with cheese cloth or muslin. It protects cheese from drying up.

Banger A British slang for “Sausage” made with ground pork and bread crumbs.

Banh Mi (bahn mee) A Vietnamese term for “Bread”. It has light, fluffy interior similar to baguette. Typically used in making sandwiches.

Banneton (ban tahn) A French woven basket lined with cloth used in baking bread.

Bannock (ban nuhk) A traditional Scottish cake made with barley meal and oatmeal. At times flavored with almonds and orange peel.

Banon (ba non) A French cheese made with raw goat’s milk. Classically wrapped in chestnut leaves soaked in marc and white wine or vinegar water. It was named after a town in Northern Provence.

Bap (bahp) A popular Scottish soft yeast roll with floury finish typically served as hot breakfast roll.

Bap (bahp) A Korean term for “Cooked Rice”.

Barack A Hungarian eau de vie with a distinctive flavor similar to apricots and slivovitz.

Barbacoa (bar bah koh ah) A traditional Mexican barbecue meat wrapped in fragrant leaves. Typically cooked over hot coals in a covered ground pit.

Barbacoca de Cabeza A specialty in Northern Mexico made with heat of either pig, goat or lamb.

Barbareesco (bar bah ress koh) A premier Italian red wine from Piedmont Region made with nebbiolo grapes. It has rich and spicy flavor.

Barbecue (bahr bi kyoo) A dry heat cooking method cooked in a pit or a spit using hard wood or coal.

Barbecue Sauce A basting sauce for barbecued meat. Traditionally made with brown sugar, garlic, mustard, onion, tomatoes and vinegar.

Barbera (bar beh rah) An Italian red wine grape with ripe currant aroma and smoky hint.

Barberry A native berry of Europe with elongated shape, bright skin, high acid content and white-yellow fruit. Commonly used in pies, preserves and syrups.

Bar Cookies Cookies shaped into long bars.

Barding A method of tying tin slices of fat around the meat to prevent it from drying out while roasting.

Bard It refers to the fat wrapped around lean meats to prevent it from drying out during roasting.

Barfi (bahr fee) An Indian sweet made with milk, sugar and various flavorings such as fruit, nut, seed or vegetable.

Barigoule (bah ree gool) A traditional Provencal braised dish made with artichokes, carrots, garlic, water and wine.

Barista (bah ees tah) A person who makes espresso based drinks using an espresso machine.

Bar le Duc (bar luh dook) A white currant preserve from Bar-le-Duc, Lorraine. Today, manufacturer started to use red currants as well.

Barley (bahr lee) A type of grain used in making cereals, breads and soups.

Barley Flour A ground pearl barley combined with gluten flour to make yeast bread. Also known as “Barley Meal”.

Barley Grits A hulled barley cracked into medium coarse texture.

Barley Water A combination of lemon, pearl barley and water.

Barm Brack (bahrm brak) An Irish bread made with currants or raisins and candied fruit peel. Typically served with butter as a tea accompaniment.

Barnacles A crustacean, but not mollusk with calcareous shell. It can be served hot, cold or at room temperature.

Barolo (bah roh loh) An Italian red wine made with Nebbiolo grapes from Piedmont region.

Baron It refers to a large cut of roasted beef traditionally served during ceremonial.

Baron It refers to the saddle and two legs of a lamb or mutton.

Barossa Valley (bah rah suh) A South Australian wine producing area.

Barquette (bar ket) A small, boat shaped pastry shell which may contain savory or sweet filling.

Bartlett Pear A large bell shaped fruit with sweet and juicy flesh, smooth skin and yellow-green color. It was introduced by Enoch Bartlett, an American resident in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Basil (bay zihl) Also known as “Royal Herb”. It has pungent flavor and green color. Commonly used in sauces.

Basilico (bah see lee koh) An Italian term for “Basil”.

Basil Seeds (bay zihl) A seed when soaked in water become gelatinous. Typically used in making Asian and Indian drinks or desserts.

Basket Cheese A variety of cheese molded into basket.

Basmati Rice (bahs mah tee) A variety of long grained rice with perfumy aroma, fine texture and nutty flavor. Typically found in Middle Eastern stores. Also known as “Queen of Fragrance”.

Bass A common term used for freshwater or saltwater fish.

Baste To brush food with fat or liquid to prevent food from drying out.

Batarde (bah tahrd) It refers to the traditional white loaf bread larger than baguette.

Bath Bun A sugar coated yeast bun with currants or raisins and candied fruit. It originated in Bath during 18 centuries.

Bath Chaps A British specialty of cured pig’s cheek but the lower portion of it.

Batido (bah tee doh) A famous Latin American drink made with fresh fruit pulp, ice, little milk, water and sometimes sugar.

Baton (bat awn) It refers to a white loaf bread smaller than a baguette.

Batter An uncooked, semiliquid mixture used in making cakes, muffins, pancakes or waffles. Typical batter mixture contains eggs, flour and milk.

Batter Bread A yeast bread formed without kneading.

Batterie de Cuisine (bah tree duh kwih zeen) A French term for “Cooking Equipment and Utensils”.

Bauerwurst (bow er werst) A German sausage with smoked flavor and coarse texture.

Baumkuchen (bowm koo khehn) A German specialty dessert made with thin layers of cake formed as a tree. The term “Baum” means “Tree” while “Kuchen” means “Cake.

Bavarese (ba vah reh zeh) An Italian term for “Bavarian Cream”.

Bavarian Cream A cold dessert made with custard, flavorings, gelatin and whipped cream.


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