Rob Roy Bar Authentic Irish Coffee

Authentic Irish Coffee

Rob Roy Bar Authentic Irish Coffee is one of a must try the drink in Cobh Cork, Ireland.  The Bar has been a famous Traditional Irish Pub wherein people can enjoy not only the drinks (such as craft beers, gins, whiskey, etc.), but also their local country music.  Locals gather in here to share their love in music as they perform live in Rob Roy Bar.  Oh!  They do have a fast connection of WiFi too.  Might as well consider doing a facebook live while listening to their Gig!

Care to visit the place?  You may check relevant reviews of their bar here in Rob Roy Bar (Cork).

The Authentic Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee is an Irish Cocktail typically made with Hot Coffee, Irish Whiskey, Brown Sugar, and Thick Cream.  As time goes by, Irish people came up with other versions of their popular cocktail.  They started using other alcoholic beverages such as their very famous “Baileys”.  The original recipe calls for thick cream, but now some pub started to make use of whipped cream.  The use of brown sugar is highly recommended in recipe books because this kind of sugar contributes to an overall taste of the coffee.  Some even thought that combining brown sugar with granulated sugar in their recipe will result in a better mixture.

Why not do it yourself and discover which recipe would create the best Irish Coffee?  Before doing it so, learn first How to Stock a Home Bar.


*** Whatever recipe version of Irish Coffee they used for my drink, I am still happy because my coffee was made with an Irish Whiskey prepared by an Irish local in an Irish Pub located in Ireland.  These factors made me feel that I’m truly drinking an “Authentic Irish Coffee“.  Not to mention, I don’t drink coffee nor whiskey, but still managed to enjoy drinking it all the way.  It was such a wonderful experience. ***

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