Authentic Belgian Waffle

Belgian Waffle

As we start talking about Waffles, what is the first thing that comes to your mind???….  Yes, you are right, it’s “Belgian Waffle“!

How did Belgian Waffle Begin?

It was first introduced in Brussels, Belgium by Maurice Vermersch as Bel-Gem Waffle.  In order to have that name recall of the food and as well as its place of origin, they changed the from Bel-Gem to Belgian.  Eventually, Walter Cleyman, a Belgian National, brought it to North America.  Americans embraced the taste of the Authentic Belgian Waffle which made it as a famous breakfast meal in the USA.

What’s the Secret of Perfectly made Belgian Waffle?

In making waffles, all you need are baking powder, butter, eggs, flour, milk, and sugar.  Waffles are typically served with the variety of toppings such as confectioner’s sugar, ice cream, fresh fruits, syrups and whipped cream.  Many food lovers claim that the best waffles must be crispy on the outside, yet light and tender on the inside.

Homemade Waffle Mixture vs Ready-Made Waffle Mixture

As a chef, I would love to prepare my waffle mixture with fresh ingredients available in the market and to cook it based on my so-called “perfect Belgian Waffle recipe”.  On the other hand, many busy people will surely be hesitant about this idea because measuring the ingredients alone will eat much of their time.  The good news to everybody is that many manufacturers start distributing waffle mixtures in the market.  This ready-made waffle mixture comes in powdered form.  Generally, buyers just simply put the mixture in a bowl, add water and mix until desired consistency.  Others might require eggs or milk in their mixture to achieve the right texture.  All depends on the recipe instructions found normally at the back of the packet.  It’s better to try both ways or to try different brands too so you can compare different product results.

How did I Start Loving Waffles?

Later part of my 1st contract onboard, I was assigned to bread and pastry station of our Buffet Line breakfast service.  There I’m serving different kinds of whole fruits, crusted/soft/sweet pieces of bread, poached fruits, pancakes, and waffles.  We’re handling two waffle machines to make freshly cooked waffles a la minute.  What goes with our waffles are sliced fresh fruits, two variations of syrup and whipped cream.  Since then, I enjoyed eating a waffle.

Enjoying my first ever Authentic Belgian Waffle

I’m totally curious about its perfect taste and texture.  Texture because some of our customers want their waffles to be crispy on the outside, while others prefer it to be softer.  Luckily, I’ve got the chance to join a half day crew tour in Belgium.  The very first thing in my “Must Do List” is to eat Authentic Belgian Waffle.  As soon as we get off the bus, we went straight to a restaurant just to buy their famous waffle.  I ordered the waffle with whipped cream and chocolate syrup on top.

The waffle itself isn’t too sweet, but my tongue felt the grainy texture of sugar into the mixture.  I simply loved the crispiness of the hot waffle combined with the coldness of a semi-sweet whipped cream plus drizzle of Belgian Chocolate syrup.  I only paid 2 Euro or 2.50 Usd or 130 Php for my waffle.  Absolutely the best way to start our 2 hours non-stop strolling!


*** Belgium is a must place to visit in Europe not only because of their island’s historical value, but also their foods’ history.  They are also famous because of their Authentic Belgian Fries and Authentic Belgian Chocolate.  ***

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