Authentic Belgian Fries

Authentic Belgian Fries

Belgian Fries are batonette cut of deep fried potatoes.  French fries are commonly salted and served with ketchup.  The crispy crust and tender inside of fries make it enjoyable to eat.  Nowadays, countries started to offer fries with different flavors and toppings on it.  To learn about it, check out the Worlds Most Amazing Fries Recipes.

Authentic Belgian Fries – It’s Origin

Many people keep on asking, “Do French Fries Really Come from France?”  It was reported by historians that French Fries originated in Meuse Valley in Belgium (Spanish Netherlands before).  It was reported that the poor villagers of the valley often ate fish shaped potato fries.

The confusion of the name and its origin was a result when the British and American soldiers of World War I went to Belgium.  They first tasted the fries and called it “French Fries” simply because the locals in Belgium speak in French Language.  As a result, they thought they were in France that time.


Bicky’s Authentic Belgian Fries Experience

Bicky is a one of the famous seller in Bruges, Belgium when it comes to Belgian Fries.  Its popularity has been the result of the unique taste of their products especially their sauces.

They have wide variety of sauces to mix and match their fries.  One of their popular combination is French Fries with Special Sauce which I had for myself.  The whole order consists of Potato Fries, Curry Ketchup, Mayonnaise and Raw Onion.  It costs me 3.20 Euro for the big serving of fries and 1.20 Euro for the special sauce.  Way back home, I only eat my fries with either ketchup and mayonnaise so I did enjoy the curry ketchup with my fries.  Worth trying!

In case you want to try anything else on the menu, you can easily locate their stall around “Burg Square”.  Aside from their Authentic Belgian Fries, Bicky offers best seller hotdog sandwiches and burgers too.

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