Angels Share to Azuki Bean

Angel’s Share It refers to the amount of spirit or wine that evaporates during its aging when stored in a barrel.

Anglaise (ahn glehz) A French term for “In the English Style”. It refers to the food cooked by poaching or boiling.

Angler Fish A large fish with firm texture and mild sweet flavor.

Angostura Bitters (ang uh stoor ah) A popular bitter formulated by Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert, a German surgeon.

Anice (ah nee cheh) An Italian term for “Anise”.

Animal Fat It refers to the fat from animal.

Anise (ah ihss) A small plant related to parsley family. It has distinctive sweet licorice flavor and green brown color.

Anise Hyssop (an ihss hihs up) A tall plant related to mint family. Its leaves have serrated edge, green-gray color and sweet anise like flavor. Also known as “Licorice Hyssop” or “Blue Giant Hyssop”.

Anise Myrtle A spice from an Australian rainforest tree used as a flavoring agent with licorice flavor.

Anitra (ah nee trah) An Italian term for “Duck”.

Anjou Pear (ahn zhoo) A large pear with firm flex, yellow-green skin and sweet flavor. It maybe be eaten cooked or raw.

Ankimo (ahn kee moh) A popular Japanese delicacy made with liver of a monkfish. Traditionally served steamed together with momiji oroshi, ponzu and scallions.

Annatto (uh nah toh) A red orange food coloring derived from “Anchiote Seed”.

Antelope A deer like meat but leaner one. Texas has been the only state for antelope farming.

Antioxidant A substance that inhibit oxidation in animal and plant cells. It helps prevent food from discoloration. Scientific findings proved that it helps in reducing cancer and heart disease.

Antipasto (ahn tee pahs toh) It means “Before the Meal”. Its an Italian term for “Hot or Cold Hors d’Oeuvre”. Variation of “Antipasti” includes cheese, cured meats, olives, smoked fish and marinated vegetables.

Antojitos (ahn toh hee tohs) A Mexican term for “Little Whims” describing American’s appetizers.

Anzac An Australian hard and sweet biscuit made with baking soda, butter, coconut, flour, golden syrup, rolled oats and sugar. It was named after World War I soldiers from Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

Ao Nori (ah oh noh ree) A flaked version of dried, seasoned green seaweed.

Ao Noriko (ah oh noh ree koh) A powdered version of “Ao Nori”.

Apee (ay pee) 1800s famous sour cream, sugar cookie. It was named after Ann Page, a cook.

Aperitif (ah pehr uh teef) A light alcoholic taken before serving lunch or dinner.

Aperitivo (ah peh ree tee voh) An Italian term for “Aperitif”.

Aperol (ahp her ol) A low alcoholic Italian aperitif with slightly sweet and bitter orange rhubarb flavor.

Aphrodisiac (af ruh dee zee ak) A substance that arouse sexual desire commonly found in caviar, frog legs, oysters and truffles. It was named after Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love.

A Point (ah pwah) A French term for “Rare Steak”.

Appaloosa Bean (app ah loo sah) A long, narrow and small dried bean with white color in one end and brown color in the other end. It came from Palouse in Southeast Washington and Northwest Idaho.

Appareil (ah pah ray) A mixture used as a marinade, sauce or frosting in advanced preparation.

Appellation (ap puh lay shuhn) A government controlled area designated for grape growing or food production.

Appenzeller (ap pent tsehl ler) A cheese made with cow’s whole milk. It has pale yellow color, fruity, spicy and tangy aroma. It was named after Eastern Swiss Canton.

Appetizer A bite size food usually served before a meal to excite the palate. Also known as “Hors d’Oeuvre”.

Apple Brandy A generic name for all brandy made with apples.

Apple Butter A dark brown, thick texture preserve made with apples, cider, spices and sugar. Commonly used as a spread for breads.

Applejack A brandy made from apple cider with 80 to 100 proof.

Apple Sauce A cooked puree made with apples, sugar and spices.

Apricot (ap rih kot) A small fruit with smooth skin, oval pit and orange-yellow color.

Apricot Brandy A generic name for all brandy made with apricot.

Apry (ap ree) Also known as “Apricot Brandy”.

A.Q. A short term for “As Quoted”. Generally used in pricing expensive dishes which price varies by season.

Aquaculture (ah kwah kuhl tcher) It refers to the cultivation of fish, shell fish or aquatic plants in a natural or controlled marine environment.

Azuki Bean (ah zoo kee) Also known as “Adzuki Bean”.  A Japanese small, dried, russet colored bean with a sweet flavor.

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