Akule to Angels on Horseback

Akule (ah koo lay) Also known as “Bigeye Scad”. A salted and dried Hawaiian fish.

Al (ahl) An Italian term which means “At The”, “To The” or “On The”.

A la (ah lah) A French idiom which means “In the Manner of” or “In the Style of”.

A la Carte (ah lah kahrt) A menu on which each item is priced separately.

A la King (ah lah king) A creamy dish of diced food made with chicken, green peppers, mushrooms and pimientos.

A la Mode (ah lah mohd) A French term for “In the Manner of” or “In the Mode of”. Also used as an American term when topping a pie with an ice cream.

Al Dente (al den tay) An Italian phrase which means “To the Tooth”. It describes the cooking of vegetable or pasta with slight resistance.

Alaria (ah lahr yah) A brown edible seaweed from Asian and North Atlantic countries. Typically used in soups, simmer dishes and sometimes salads.

Albariño (ahl bah ree nyoh) Also known as “Alvarinho”. A high quality white wine grape grown in Galicia, Spain and Vinho Verde, Portugal. It has thick skin and small amount of juice.

Albert Sauce A rich horseradish sauce made with butter, flour and cream. Commonly served with beef.

Albondiga (ahl bon dee gah) A Spanish term for “Meatball”.

Albondigas (ahl bon dee gahs) A famous Mexican and Spanish dish made with spicy meatballs and tomato sauce.

Albufera Sauce (al buh fih ra) A rich sauce made with glace de viande (meat glaze) and red pepper butter. Typically served on poultry dishes and sweetbreads. It was named after Duke of Albufera, Napoleon’s famous general.

Albumen (al byoo mehn) An old fashioned term for “Egg White”.

Albumin (al byoo mehn) A term used for the protein found in egg white, blood, milk, plants and seeds.

Alcachofa (al kah choh fah) A Spanish term for “Artichoke”.

Alchermes (ahl kehr mehs) A spicy Italian liqueur made with neutral spirit, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla bean and herbs.

Alcohol by Volume The percentage of alcohol in an alcoholic beverage. Also known as “Proof”.

Ale (ayl) A category of alcoholic beverages brewed from a combination of hops and barley malt.

Aleppo Pepper (ah lep poh) A medium hot chile pepper with almost purple color and rich, slightly fruity flavor. It was named after Syria’s largest city.

Alfajores (ahl fah hohh rehs) A popular South American cookies made with butter, corn flour, cornstarch, sugar, wheat flour and other flavorings. Traditionally served as a cookie sandwich with a caramel filling known as Dulce de Leche.

Alfalfa (al fah fuh) Commonly used in salads and sandwiches.

Alfonso Olive (al phonso olive) Also known as “Maddelena Olives”. A South American olive cured in brine, wine or wine vinegar. This olive has dark purple in color, oval in shape, tender in texture and slightly bitter in flavor.

Al Forno (ahl fohr noh) An Italian term for “Baked” or “Roasted”.

Alfredo Sauce (al fray doh) A rich sauce made with butter, heavy cream, parmesan, salt and pepper. The sauce was created by Alfredo di Lello, a Roman Restaurateur.

Al Fresco (ahl freh skoh) An Italian term for “Cool” or “Fresh”. It refers to dining outdoors such as picnic.

Alginic Acid (al john ihk) A thick, jelly like substance from seaweed. Commonly used as a thickener for processed foods such as ice cream, pie filling, soup and syrups.

Alioli (ah lee yoh lee) A Spanish term for “Aioli”.

Alitame (al ih taym) An artificial sweetener.

Alize Bleu A French cognac with vodka and cherry, ginger and passion fruit flavor.

Alize de France (ah lee zay deuh frahnss) A French cognac based liqueurs made with passion fruit and other fruit.

Alize Gold Passion A French cognac with golden yellow color and passion fruit flavor.

Alize Red Passion A French cognac with red color and passion fruit and cranberry flavor.

Alize Wild Passion A French cognac with reddish orange color and mango, pink grapefruit and passion fruit flavor.

Aliziergeist (ah lih tseer gighst) An Alsatian fruit brandy made from serviceberry.

Alkali (al kah li) It counterbalance and neutralize acids. Also known as “Baking Soda”.

Alkanet (al kuh neht) A plant from borage family with roots. Commonly used in making margarine.

Alla (ah lah) An Italian term for “As Done By, In, For or With”.

Allasch A extremely sweet liqueur made with almonds, anise seed and cumin which originated from Latvian.

Allemande (al uh mand) A German style sauce made oflemon juice, liaison and veal veloute.

Allemande Sauce (ah leh mahnd) A classic veloute sauce thickened with egg yolks. Also known as “Parisienne Sauce”.

Allergen (al er juh n) A substance that can cause an allergic reaction to the body.a

Allgauer Bergkase (ahl gow er behrk kai zer) A hard cheese made from cow’s milk. It has pale yellow interiors and slightly fruity and nutty flavor.

Alligator A lizardlike reptile with tender and pinkish meat with strong flavor and tough texture.

All Spice A West Indies and South American berry which tastes like a combination of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Also known as “Jamaica Pepper”. Commonly used in both savory and sweet cooking.

Allumette (a ly met) A matchstick shape cutting technique.

Almendra (ahl men drah) A Spanish term for “Almond”.

Almond A kernel of the almond tree fruit.

Almond Cream An almond flavored with spirit crème patissiere.

Almond Extract A flavoring produced by combining bitter almond oil with ethyl alcohol.

Almond Flour A powdered blanched almond used in making cakes, cookies and other desserts. Also known as “Almond Meal”.

Almond Oil An oil extracted from sweet almonds.

Almond Paste A mixture of blanched ground almonds, sugar and glycerin. Typically used in making marzipan.

Al Pastor (ahl pahs tohr) Prepared like Greek Gyro but made with pork. The term “Al Pastor” means “Shepherd Style”.

Alsacienne (al zah syehn) It refers to cooking “In the Style of Alsace”. A common style of preparing braised meat with sauerkraut, potatoes and sausage.

Alum (al uhm) An astringent crystals of potassium aluminum sulfate used as the crisping agent in canning pickles.

Aluminum Foil A thin, rolled, pliable sheet used for wrapping food items to trap moisture, air and odor.

Amande (ah mahn) A French term for “Almond”.

Amandine (ah mahn deen) A French term for “Garnished with Almonds”.

Amaranth (am ah ranth) A high protein weed with delicious and slight sweet, nutty flavor used in cooking dishes and making salads.

Amardine (ah mar deen) A thin layer sweetened apricot puree used in flavoring drinks and desserts.

Amarelle (ah mah rehl) A cherry with red pigmented skin, colorless flesh and sour taste. Commonly used in cooking dishes and flavouring liqueurs.

Amaretti (am ah reht tee) An intensely crisp, airy macaroon cookies made with bitter almond paste and apricot kernel paste.

Amarettini A miniature version of amaretti cookie.

Amaretto (am ah reht toh) A liqueur made with almond flavor, apricot pits.

Amaretto di Saronno A liqueur originated from Saronno, Italy.

Amaro (ah mah roh) An Italian term for “Bitter or Very Dry”. Commonly used to describe the innumerable bitter Italian liqueur.

Amasake (ah mah sah kee) A Japanese fermented rink made with koji and cooked rice. It has thin to thick texture. Commonly served cold or hot.

Amazu Shoga (ah mah zoo shoh gah) A thinly sliced or shredded fresh ginger pickled in a sweet vinegar marinade. It has beige or pink in color. Commonly used as a garnish for many Japanese dishes such as sushi.

Ambasha (ahm bah shah) An Ethiopian yeast bread made formed like a pizza. Typically made with wheat flour, cardamom, coriander, fenugreek seed and seasonings (such as cayenne, cinnamon, cloves and ground ginger).

Amberjack A lean, mild fish found in South Atlantic Coast.

Ambrosia (am broh zhah) A chilled dessert made with fruit (such as oranges and bananas) and coconut.  Commonly served as a salad.

Amchoor (ahm choor) An East Indian seasoning made by pulverizing sun dried, unripe green mango. It has acidic, fruity and tart flavor commonly used in cooking meat, vegetable and curry dishes. Also used in tenderizing fish, meat and poultry.

Amendoa (ah men doo ah) A Portuguese term for “Almond”.

Amer (ah mehr) A French term for “Bitter”.

Amer Picon (ah mehr pee kawn) An extremely bitter French vermouth style aperitif. It has a dark reddish brown color. Typically flavored with cinchona bark, gentian and orange.

Americaine (a may ree kehn) A dish prepared with a spicy sauce of tomatoes, olive oil, onions and wine.

Americano (ah meh reek ah noh) A bittersweet aperitif made with Campari, sweet vermouth, sparkling water. Typically served in a highball glass with ice and garnishes such as sliced lemon or orange.

Americano (ameri ka no) An expresso diluted with a hot water.

Amfissa (ahm fee say) The name derived from Amfissa, a town in Central Greece. The green variety has crisp, firm texture and lemon-buttery flavor.

Amino Acids A long chains of smaller compounds that build up proteins in the body.

Ammonium Bicarbonate (ah moh nee uhm by kar boh nayt) Also known as “Hartshorn”, “Carbonate of Ammonia” or “Powdered Baking Ammonia”. Still used in European baking recipes especially for making cookies.

Amuse Bouche (a muz bush) A French term for “Appetizer”. A complimentary tiny appetizer or hors d’oeuvre given to the guest as a way of welcoming them and to tickle their taste buds.  It shows the chef’s cooking style and talent.

Anadama Bread (anuh dam uh) An American yeast bread made with cornmeal and molasses. It was created by a farmer in New England.

Anaheim Chile (an uh hime) It was named after Anaheim, California. It has mild taste, medium green color and long narrow shape. Commonly used in making salsas.

Ananas (ah nah nah) A French term for “Pineapple”.

Anardana (ah nahr dah nah) A dried pomegranate seeds. It has slightly fruity and sweet-sour flavor. A popular Indian spice used in making breads, pastries, chutneys and other salads dishes.

Anasazi Bean (a nuh sah zee) A dried white beans with noticeable maroon markings. It has a sweet flavor and smooth texture. Also known as “Jacob’s cattle beans”.

Ancho Chile (ahn choh) A dried chile with slightly fruity, mild flavor and deep reddish brown color.

Anchoiade (ahn show yahd) A paste made with anchovies, garlic and olive oil. Typically used as spread on toast or bread.

Anchovy (an choh vee) A tiny fish with silvery color. Commonly filleted, salted and packed in can.

Anchovy Paste A mixture of anchovies, spices, vinegar and water. Typically used in making canapes.

Ancienne (ah lawn syan) A French term for “In the Old Style”. It refers to the traditional method of preparation.

Andalouse (ahn dah looz) A French term used for dishes made with tomatoes, pimientos and rice pilaf or sausage.

Andalouse Sauce A sauce made with mayonnaise, tomato puree and pimiento.

Anesone (an uh sohn) An anise flavored liqueur with higher proof than Anisette.

Anethol (an eh thohl) An essential oil typically found in plants such as anise, anise myrtle, fennel and star anise. It has distinct licorice flavor.

Angel Food Cake An airy sponge type cake made with stiffed beaten egg whites. This light cake traditionally baked in a tube pan. Also known as “Angel Cake”.

Angelica (an jehl ih kah) A herb with sweet flavor, pale green color. Commonly used to flavor liqueurs and sweet wines.

Angels on Horseback A kind of hors d’oeuvre made with shucked oyster wrapped in bacon.

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