9 British Tea Drinking Habits

drinking tea british way


british tea drinking habits


It was believed that drinking tea in England started during 16th century when Dutch and Portuguese traders started to import it.  At first, tea is considered as an upper class drink in Europe and eventually developed as every social class drink.

Below are the most common British Tea Drinking Habits that everyone should know…

1. Under no circumstance should one ever sip tea from the spoon.

2. One must sip, not slurp one’s tea.

3. One should add milk once the tea has brewed.

4. One must never hold one’s tea cup with one’s pinkie finger extended. This type of extravagant behavior is considered improper.

5. After stirring, remove the spoon and place it on the saucer to the right of the handle.

6. Stir the tea gently, one must never swirl it.

7. Look into the tea cup, never over it and on absolutely no occasion should one’s eyes meet with another guest.

8. One should hold the cup with the thumb and fingers; never grasp the bowl of the cup with one’s hand.

9. Under no condition should one dunk biscuit, this would simply be primitive.

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