8 Ways to Save Money So You Can TRAVEL!

8 Ways to Save Money So You Can TRAVEL!

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There are 8 Ways to Save Money So You Can TRAVEL.  Enumerated below are useful tips so you can start saving your hard earned money!

1.   Make a clear list of your goals.  List all the things you want to have.  Maybe you would like to invest in a house and lot or to get a brand new car.  Moreover, maybe you’re considering to take a masters degree or to enroll yourself in a photography course.  Whatever your plans are in the future, make sure to write it down.  This will give you a clear picture of your goals in life.  Also, having a list will improve your discipline when it comes to handling your own money.

2.   Determine your wants and needs.  When making a list of your goals, you can easily compare all your wants versus your needs.  Always put your needs as your first priority.  Though you can still buy any of your wants, make sure not too often.  Just get any of your wants as a reward for all your hard work.

3.   Allocate an everyday allowance for yourself.  Make sure not to take all your money with you.  As having plenty of money in your pocket or inside your wallet may cause temptation that will lead you to buy unnecessary stuff.  By providing yourself a daily allowance, it can assure yourself that you’ll be spending just within your budget for the whole day.  Atm cards come handy especially during times of emergency.  However, it’s better for you not to bring your Atm cards if you know that you can’t control yourself from spending too much.

4.   Avoid using your credit card.  The common mindset of other people is to use their credit card for buying stuff.  As credit card companies will advanced all the bill, credit card holders actually think this system is in their favor.  But like what as said earlier, this can only cause of all the temptation.

5.   Pay bills or loans on-time.  Settle your bills as early as possible.  Some bills may accrue penalties upon late payment so pay everything immediately to avoid any additional charges.

6.   Save a portion of your money once you receive your salary.  Provide yourself a separate bank account where you can save a portion of your salary.  Any fixed amount of money saved per salary will do.  As long as you won’t withdraw it just to buy something you don’t even need.  Saving some of your money can ultimately help you achieve your future goals.

7.   Don’t buy cheap items.  Buying cheap items will definitely give you savings.  Yet, the quality of a cheap product maybe in question.  It’s much better if you buy a high quality of product even if it’s far more expensive.  Remember that the more quality the product is, the functional it will be for the longest time.  No need to worry about replacing it from time to time.

8.   Lessen the chances for you to eat outside.  Planning your entire meal for the whole week must be a part of your goal.  You can simply search on Google for any easy to prepare meals at home.  Then over the weekend, buy all ingredients that you’ll be needing.  You can buy all non-perishable items like spices, seasonings, etc.  On the other hand, buy stocks good for 2 to 3 days only for those perishable items.  This can also help you ensure that you’re always eating high quality of foods.


*** Making a plan is a very stressful task for everybody, but it absolutely pays off over in the long run.  Anyway, you’ll find everything easy as you get used to it.  Now that you’ve learned 8 Ways to Save Money So You Can TRAVEL, all you need is to start writing your plan and to stick onto it.   As you achieve your goal, you can expect to enjoy life in the future and start to Travel… Eat…. Get Inspired… Repeat… ***

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