8 Ways to Keep a Happy Chef

8 Ways to Keep a Happy Chef
Chefs Inside the Kitchen

Listed below are 8 ways to keep a Happy Chef inside a kitchen.

1.  Provide them with a state of the art kitchen tools and equipment

Having the right and reliable tools and equipment make the life of a  Happy Chef very easy. It may be too costly to invest in these items, but these will help them to be more productive for their whole shift. Yes, they can do all the preparations manually since they are equipped with those skills. However, keep in mind that they are not robots who can actively work 100% for the whole day. Have in mind that they need to reserve most of their energy for the coming busy service hours. In addition, providing them with high-end kitchen gears will also increase their confidence and moral. As they will, for sure, treat all of these tools and equipment as if these are their own possessions.

2.  Set a high-quality overall standards

Setting a high quality of standards for the restaurant will allow chefs to be aware of the dos and don’ts of the business. Standards like proper plating of the dish, the right way of cooking a dish, etc. These standards will create great impact on customers once all of these standards are religiously implemented. As a result, the business will be able to build up regular or loyal customers.  Just like in any company, maintaining a high-quality standard can discipline employees. Any violations of the company standards will have equivalent consequences. Also, meeting these standards can help a company achieve its mission.

3.  Create a fun environment

Everybody knows that work must be taken seriously. Yet, it is important to build a fun environment despite the stressful work activities of Chefs inside the kitchen. The fun working environment will create good relationships among Kitchen Staffs. As managers, try to schedule some out thing or to plan a party after work. Few beers and foods will definitely relieve their all their stress.  Remember, a Happy Chef will surely be more productive than anyone else.

4.  Communicate properly to them

Maintain a good communication with the Chefs. All front of the house employees must learn how to respect them. Never mess up with them especially during service hours. Otherwise, orders will be released late or worst will get substandard foods. In case there is complain, try to approach them nicely. Don’t ever yell at them! This might create misunderstanding, which might result in banning servers inside the kitchen premises. Chefs are indeed territorial!

5.  Listen to their suggestions

Allow Chefs to make suggestions before making any decision related to the kitchen operations. Like as what mentioned earlier, Chefs are territorial, pay them respect by letting them know any changes before implementing it. Asking them suggestions will definitely be much appreciated on their side, which can also boost their morale.

6.  Make a list of achievable goals

Ensure that all restaurant goals are reasonably achievable. Do not put too much pressure on the shoulders of all the employees. Never stress these employees for achieving unrealistic company goals as this may demotivate all employees, which might result in future resignations.

7.  Reward them for all of their hard work

It doesn’t need to always be a financial reward, but can also be a simple appreciation or tap on their shoulders. By showing a simple appreciation for all the efforts they’ve shown for the whole shift is enough. Some business owners provide time and money just to throw a simple employees’ party from time to time. While some organize team buildings held out of town. These are few simple ways to show appreciation not only to all Chefs but to all the company’s employees.

8.  Give them a break

In reality, Chefs often eat on time. Most of the time, they end up just picking any food they will see around the kitchen, then they will continue working. This shouldn’t always be the case, managers must allow Chefs to take their breaks or at least to let them have short breaks during non-busy hours of their shifts. Let them revive their energy before experiencing kitchen war again. It’s an effective strategy to bring them in their best during the service.


***  Being a Chef has its own Disadvantage and Advantage.  So it’s important for the colleagues, the managers and the business owners to learn how to deal with them and make them a Happy Chef even in the simplest gesture.  ***

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