8 Reasons Why You Must Travel When You are SINGLE

8 Reasons Why You Must Travel When You are SINGLE

1. Discover More About Yourself

Traveling alone gives the opportunity to discover your strengths and weaknesses. You’re forced to make the right decision in order to survive during your whole journey. In some instances, you will learn how to deal with the locals, eat unfamiliar authentic foods, and act according to their cultures. All of these experiences will unfold all your hidden capabilities that will make you a better person.

2. Enough Time to Go Anywhere

Being single allows you to explore new places at any time you want. No one will limit your actions, no matter how far you go.

3. Experience Different Lifestyle

Traveling changes your lifestyle as it opens the concept of practicality. You will start learning how to manage your own finances by listing all your priorities. As when you travel, you need to set aside enough money for paying your hostel, food, transportation, etc. If you get a chance to travel to a third world country, you discover the true value of money to everybody.

4. Financially Capable

Making a budget for a single person will give you enough freedom to choose what kind of travel adventure you want. Without thinking too much of the expenses, you can spend money for luxurious food and expensive tours for one.

5. Learn the True Value of Happiness

Many think that happiness can only be found within a relationship. The truth is you can still be happy being single. You can 100% enjoy every moment where you can do everything you want at anytime you like. Singlehood gives you freedom.

6. Make New Friends

Having a romantic relationship with somebody else limits your closeness or potential friendship specifically to an opposite gender. As this new friendship may cause misunderstanding between you and your partner out of jealousy.

7. No Family Responsibility

You can freely travel anytime and anywhere you want without thinking of your responsibility at home. Compared if you are married and have kids, as much as possible, you need to travel with them because no one can ever replace your responsibility as a wife or husband and as a parent.

8. Open to Any Travel Adventures

It makes you excited to try even the most dangerous trip in the world. Let’s face it, most of the time singles are a lot more careless than married people.  All because at the back of their heads, even they get into accidents and die, at least they lived their lives to the fullest. They won’t leave any responsibilities at all.

*** Traveling alone gives you the freedom to do whatever you want to. Despite that freedom, you must always be responsible. Always have in mind that traveling is an opportunity to grow in many aspects of your life. Just like when I went to a life-changing hike in Mt. Pulag. After that whole trip, I already know that I’m a different person. I had so many realizations during the whole hike, which made me a better person. ***

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