8 Reasons How Travel Makes You RICHER

As we grow older, we were taught that being rich means being financially stable by having a lot of money or assets.  However, no one ever taught us we can be rich in different ways.

Here are my top 8 Reasons How Travel Makes You Richer…

    1. Travel unleashes your Curiosity
    2. Travel gives you more Experiences
    3. Travel educates You
    4. Travel improves your Vision
    5. Travel changes your Habits
    6. Travel provides precious Memories
    7. Travel creates Friendships
    8. Travel leads to Self Discovery


1. Travel unleashes your CURIOSITY

  • You have so many questions at the back of your mind.  Questions such as, “What makes Miami beach popular?”, “How cold in Europe even during the summer season?”, “Where the best place to buy Indian Spices?”, “When is the perfect time to visit tulip garden in Amsterdam?” and a lot more.  These questions can only be answered when you start to discover different places.

2. Travel gives you more EXPERIENCES

  • Get stranded in Russia because you might not be aware that Russian bridges have the opening and closing schedule.  Stuck in Thailand street for a couple of minutes because of heavy traffic.  Beat strong wind while strolling around the UK during winter.  Spot the difference of Indian curries all around the middle east region.  Different scenarios in different places will mark as your unforgettable experiences.

3. Travel educates YOU

  • Learning about the culture, tradition, and habits of the locals.  What is the British Tea Drinking Habits?  Do Russians prefer driving a bicycle or a car when going to work?  Why do Indians love wearing long sleeve even during hot weather?  How do Chinese cooks manage to serve fresh noodles?  And you will learn a whole lot more once you get a chance to explore a particular place.

4. Travel improves your VISION

  • You keep on comparing the lifestyle of those people living abroad.  How lucky they were because they could afford to buy branded outfits, to eat expensive foods, to enjoy high-end gadgets, etc.  You start planning your trip to Spain because of your eagerness to take pictures of their old buildings and other structures.  You’re looking forward to swim in different beaches of Aruba.  And a lot more pieces of stuff you’re after of.  As soon as you visited other places, you will then realized that you can also enjoy the view, the food and the things that other countries can offer even you’re living in your own country.  Then you will just simply enjoy all your travels the way it is without making a comparison to your native land.

5. Travel changes your HABITS

  • Whether you’re traveling alone or with family members or with friends, it takes a lot of guts to visit a foreign land.  In order to survive, you need to be responsible enough.  Just like if you’ve been late for work almost everyday, then you need to be on time for tours.  If you’re a spender at home when you travel you need to look for an affordable restaurant or to buy the cheapest souvenirs that suit your budget.  Moreover, are you too shy of talking to strangers?  Be confident, learn how to communicate with the locals just to reach places without getting lost.  These are just a few examples that you need to know when traveling.  The important thing is doing the right habits during your trip will result in a less hassle travel experience!

6. Travel provides precious MEMORIES

  • Memories of your travels mean you’ve created a permanent picture of the place in our mind.  Clearer picture than any photos you saved on your laptop or mobile phone.  Years from now, your heart will surely skip a beat as you narrate all your adventures story.  All memories give you that feeling that these travels only happened yesterday.

7. Travel creates FRIENDSHIPS

  • Most places allow you to create new friends like the waiter who served your highly recommended food, the vendor who gave you souvenir discount, the tuk-tuk driver who accompanied you for the tour and a lot more local people.  Their hospitality will make your whole trip much memorable.

8. Travel leads to SELF DISCOVERY

  • Traveling makes you feel connected to yourself again.  It gives you a break from your normal routine including your day job.  In this way, you can start assessing your life or redesigning your plans while enjoying wonderful views at the same time.  Out of stress, only FUN FUN FUN!


*** Let me know what else can you add on the list – 8 Reasons How Travel Makes You Richer?  Cheers! ***

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