8 Perks of Working on a Cruise Line

1.  Good Salary

  • My onboard gross monthly income suddenly increased to 4x of my local monthly salary.  The only percentage of the Government contributions (such as SSS, Government Health Insurance, and Government Housing Insurance) are deducted from my salary.  The rest of my salary, I’ll take home.

2.  Free Accommodation

  • The Cruise Ship will provide each crew member their own bed onboard.  Furthermore, the cabin features or cabin size or cabin privacy depend on the position of a crew member.  Normally, high ranking officials have their own cabin.  On the other hand, regular employees will share a single cabin with a capacity of 2 to 4 persons.
  • Some ships provide all cabins with refrigerator and carpet, but for some only those people in the position of middle management and up.

3.  Unlimited Use of Utilities

  • All free use of aircon, water, and electricity.  They provide centralized aircon which the crew can adjust anytime.  No monthly electric consumption bills so absolutely no limitation when it comes to the charging of gadgets.  Do you like taking a shower 3 times a day?  No problem!  Since there’s a nonstop water supply too.  Though sometimes they will ask crew members to refrain from spending too much water to control the disposal of used water.  This action depends on the restriction imposed within the area.

4.  Minimal Expense for Foods

  • There’s a designated area for everybody to eat free meals prepared by cooks who are also working onboard.  These are Crew Mess ideally for everybody and Staff Mess for the officers.  Both Messes provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between (literally even midnight snacks).  However, each meal has its own service time or the opening and closing hours.

 8 Perks of Working on a Cruise Line

5.  Availability of Recreational Facilities for Crew Welfare

  • Each ship provides different crew facilities like Basketball Court, Race Tracks, Gym, Swimming Pool and Crew Bar.  As they encourage crew members to actively participate in different activities for the betterment of their personal and social aspect.
  • In some ships, HR managers and other officials always conduct Bar Nights for everybody.  Organizers will provide a free jamming session with a band (formed by crew members) and free food as well.

6.  Ability to Buy Branded Products at a Discount Price

  • Every crew will get a chance to buy expensive Branded products at a discounted price, up to 30% of its original price.  Boutiques or Shops in the guest area often offer crew bazar too.  They normally want to dispose of unsold old stocks on sale for the crew members within a certain day and time frame.  Available products may vary, from consumables to personal stuff.

7.  Opportunity to Travel Around the World

  • Working onboard allows crew members to sleep in one country and wake up in another country.  Basically, a different country to visit everyday.  Take note, everything for free!  No need to pay plane ticket.  Though some places require a certain visa to be able to go outside.
  • Sometimes, free and paid tours are organized for crew members.  These tours enable members to visit famous landmarks of the place.  In addition, tours can be paid either in cash or credit since some cruise ships offer a monthly credit line to their crew members.

8.  Taste New Food, Learn Different Culture and Tradition

  • Traveling gives us the chance to experience everything.  Hence, we can learn about their lifestyle, their food preference, their language and even their culture and tradition.


*** Before, I only have my Two Reasons Why I Worked on a Cruise Line.  But as I spent more time onboard, I’ve learned its more than just those two reasons.  All these 8 Perks of Working on a Cruise Line helped me take off a bit in my life.  As a result, I was able to make wise investments way back home.  ***

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