8 Jobs with Free Travel Benefits

Jobs with Free Travel Benefits
Find Jobs with Free Travel Benefits to Fulfill Your Travel Goals

In a busy world like what we have right now, most employees find it hard to balance their career and personal life. As a result, they become more susceptible to burnout. The good thing is that there are Jobs with Free Travel Benefits. This job will help an individual to balance the entire aspect of their lives at a certain level. Before getting any further, everybody must know first the main reason for an employee’s stress.

Actually, based on a study, employees resign because of their supervisors, rather than because of their works. In reality, the main reason is the stress caused by work. Why? Because people tend to bounce back to whatever situation they are into. Certainly, like a domino effect. If supervisors get positive feedback from their bosses or from the company itself, employees will see them always in a good mood. However, if they get too much pressure from their superior, they will start to put pressure on their subordinates as well. As simple as that, just a chain reaction.

Luckily in some careers, employees can enjoy their jobs with travel benefits. This kind of benefit, in a way, can give an employee a chance to visit different places locally or internationally. Definitely, they won’t be spending too much time visiting places just like tourists.  But at least an hour or so for a day or for an entire week will be a great help to recharge themselves.

Below are the Jobs with Free Travel Benefits that everybody will surely enjoy.

1. Be a Broadcasting Employee
Broadcasting Employee is one of the most fulfilling, but quite dangerous job. Fulfilling because aside from the benefit of free travel, accommodation, and food, being in this field will also allow an employee to be a part of an important event in the history. While dangerous because of the possibility of sending employees in the midst of war just to do the coverage.

2. Be a Certified Public Accountant in an Auditing Firm
Most people will consider this as one of the most toxic jobs with travel benefits. Certified Public Accountant or CPA is a board passer accountant, which means that the job requires a high level of responsibility. Location and length of the assignment may vary since an auditing firm normally has plenty of clients. This may also mean that there’s a limitation to roam around the place before leaving. Aside from free travel, this job offers free accommodation and meal allowance too.

3. Be a Cruise Ship Crew Member
Nowadays, being a cruise ship crew member has been one of the hottest jobs with free travel benefits. Well aside from traveling from one place to another for almost every day, there are other perks of working on a cruise line such as free lodging, free food, etc. On the other hand, there are also disadvantages of working on a cruise line like long working hours and without a day off within 5 months to 10 months.

4. Be an Employee of an Airline Company
Maybe not all people are aware that aside from pilots and stewards, employees under other departments as well can get free travel benefits.  The best thing about working in an airline company is that employees can take their families to travel too.  The company will pay free airfares for all.

5. Be a Hired Photographer
Just like broadcasting employees, a photographer can also be one of the most fulfilling and dangerous jobs with travel benefits. Benefits may vary based on the gig if a person is working as a freelancer or typical employee.

6. Be a Travel Agent of a Cruise Line
It is the job that offers free travel but based on a performance basis. As travel agents are required to close a certain number of deals between a company and a traveler in order to get the benefit of free travel. The work is sort of a salesperson of a travel company. This isn’t really one of the best jobs with travel benefits in terms of the frequency of travel. However, this can be the most satisfying way to get a free travel with a privilege as a tourist.  In some cases, a person must need to pay an admission fee before getting started and having a full access with the system of the travel company.

7. Be a Travel Nurse
Being a travel nurse is listed as one of the most toxic jobs with free travel benefits, but with great monetary benefit as well. Indeed, travel Nurses get higher pay compared to other nurses from both public and private sectors. Though they’re working on a per contract basis. Some facilities do offer renewal of contracts, while some don’t.

8. Be a Travel Blogger or Vlogger
This can be considered as the coolest job among the best jobs with travel benefits because of its flexibility. The job offers freedom to work anytime and anywhere with absolutely no boss! The only downside of it is that a travel blogger or vlogger needs to invest either money or time before achieving the financial freedom. Moreover, the result of financial benefit depends on the reaction of the target audience towards his or her work.

Enumerated above are the top 8 jobs with free travel benefits that will provide financial support too. In addition, there are some instances that people can also get free travel as a volunteer. The host will basically sponsor the food and lodging of their volunteers in exchange for their manual labor for their campaigns like WWOOF or World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. This organization allows volunteers to help and to learn Organic Farms in exchange for free bed and food.

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