8 Health Benefits of Traveling Abroad

Health Benefits of Traveling Abroad
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Traveling can do a lot more than just a stress reliever. There are other health benefits of traveling abroad that you will surely look forward to for your next travel adventure. Now, let us discussed below 8 physical health benefits of traveling. Added below are some tips you can easily follow.

1. Improves Your Respiration
You will start appreciating the difference of every country when you are living in a country full of private and public transportation on the street. You will also notice all the health benefits of traveling abroad. During one of my travel, I was amazed when I visited different attractions in Liverpool, England. The locals were busy all throughout the day, but most of them managed to walk rather than to ride a bus or a car. The place free from pollution and traffic jam! Another place is in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I’ve seen hundreds or maybe thousands of mountain bikes outside their train station. Their streets are almost free from cars.

Honestly, these are just two of my favorite places in Europe. All because people seemed like enjoying a very simple life. Moreover, these places allowed me to feel that one of the best physical health benefits of traveling is it improves one’s respiration.

Travel TIP: It is better to take a walk rather than a ride. At least by walking, you can start your travel with a light physical activity. Always have in mind that walking may help save money while on vacation.

2. Good for Your Skin
Some places can make your skin dry especially in cold areas. While some places can burn your skin in tropic countries. So the best health benefits of active travel are to allow your skin to easily adapt to the environment. Your skin becomes flexible as you consistently travel to any places of the world. As a result, you will achieve a better skin as what you’ve had before.

Travel TIP: You must bring cream or lotion prescribed by your dermatologist. Like in my case, I used to have skin problem during cold weather. Therefore, I needed to bring my facial cream with me on all my travels. Though I seldom use it during my travel, at least it comes handy in case of emergency.

3. Decreases Your Risk of Heart Disease
Lowering the risk of heart disease is one of the best health benefits of active travel. Vacation is not only about having fun and doing nothing. Some travels may also involve physical activities like hiking and swimming. For example, I walked a lot when I’ve visited different parks and natural attractions in Penang, Malaysia. I lost count of how many steps I’ve made for that entire activity.

Travel TIP: Always have a handy bottle of water with you. If possible, bring some on the go too because you might end up hungry after series of walks.

4. Helps Your Muscles
Physical health benefits of traveling include strengthening your muscles by engaging yourself in physical activities while traveling. Remember that even a simple walk when visiting places can help.

Travel TIP: Make sure to take ointments and pain relievers with you. So at least you won’t end up crying at night because of painful muscles after a long walk. It is true, traveling can be very tiring too.

5. Aids Your Weight Loss
For sure, this will be one of the most interesting health benefits of traveling abroad for sure. I will give three reasons why you will lose weight when you travel. First of all, you might end up hungry all the time. Have in mind that you are visiting a foreign land, where most restaurants will offer their local dishes. Just to let you know, not every country offers a wide range of food choices. Like in Auckland, New Zealand, you can find a variety of dishes when you visit the place. However, it will be a different set-up when you visit Kerala, India. Most restaurants there only offer biryani, curry, and other Indian foods. So you’ve left no choice, but to take even just a few bites of their foods.

Second thing, the physical activities like walking, climbing or swimming. The more visits you will make, the more you will need to walk for the entire day. Same thing with climbing a mountain or swimming on a beach.

Third point, lack of sleep because of your busy schedule. As much as you could, you want to maximize your entire vacation. The tendency for you now is to wake up early and to sleep late. This factor that will help you lose weight during your travel. Now, are you convinced that weight loss is one of the health benefits of active travel?

Travel TIP: I know that you want to enjoy your entire travel, but make sure to maintain your discipline. At the same time, taking advantage of every situation you’re into. Remember that traveling leads you to self-discovery. Every journey will help you learn a lot about your life, other’s life and other aspects of life.

6. Eases Your Digestive Problems
You might be a picky eater back home, which caused you to develop digestive problems. So when you eat foods you’re not used to, your stomach becomes upset. Now, this can be solved by just visiting other places. Most places offer their local dishes so you might end up eating their foods as well. As a result, your digestive system will eventually be able to adapt to whatever food you will try to ingest inside your stomach.

Travel TIP: Bring some allergy pills with you. Just like me, I used to take my allergy pills when I’ve visited some part of India. I left myself no choice since I still wanted to try authentic Indian dishes despite my allergies in onions and chilies. Anyway, I had no worries or even no regrets because I had enough pills with me.

7. Boosts Your Immunity
You must be aware that not all places in the world are safe to visit for your health. As a result, one of the health benefits of traveling abroad is it will boost your immunity. For example, in some countries, you will notice garbage is everywhere. Even locals don’t maintain proper personal hygiene. Things like that will surely help you improve your immunity.

Travel TIP: Always bring a small medicine kit with you during your travels. It is better to have your own medicine because some local medicine might not be the best for you. In case you started feeling any discomfort, immediately drink your medicine. This will prevent you from getting sick while traveling.

8. Keeps Your Mind Sharp
One of the most important health benefits of traveling abroad is keeping your mind sharp. It is because you need to remember almost everything! As an example, when buying souvenir items. You need to check the prices on different stores. Of course, you will surely want to get the cheapest one you’ve found. You must memorize both the price and the store location.

Another thing that you need to memorize is the commonly used words in the place. Knowing simple words and phrases such as simple greetings are enough. The pronunciation may be hard, but you need to make an effort so you can at least approach local people. Like what I’ve said, you only need to memorize few words and leave the rest of the words to your mobile phone’s foreign language application. At least you have a reference if deemed necessary.

Travel TIP: If you find it hard to memorize the exact location of a place, I would highly recommend that you often take pictures of the area. Spend some time to take pictures of the first store you’ve entered, the alleys you’ve to walk through, the statues you’ve seen, etc. These pictures will serve as your guides when going back to your hotel. I tried this technique when I had a one day adventure in Fira, Santorini. For those who already visited the place, you can surely at least relate to my experience. Just being in a very crowded place in a foreign land is overwhelming already. How much more to be in alleys where everything exactly has the same look.

*** You can finally enjoy your travel in a different perspective now that you’ve already learned all the health benefits of active travel. How about you, can you cite any other physical health benefits of traveling? ***

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  2. When you’re traveling, better with a portable pill case to carry some pills.

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