8 Disadvantages of Working on a Cruise Line

1.  Dealing with the Passengers

  • PATIENCE is the key when dealing with all the passengers onboard.  As expected, different nationalities & different people means different attitudes & different cultures that each crew member must learn how to handle.  As a result, some can turn out to be our newly found friends while some can be our bad*** enemies at the end of the cruise.

2.  Getting Along with Other Crew Members

  • Just like our passengers onboard, there are different nationalities crew members onboard too.  So handling these co-workers of ours are the same as how we get along with the passengers.
  • The good thing with other cruise ship admin, they make sure that every cabin will be occupied by crew members with the same nationality.  So basically, the adjustments between cabinmates will depend entirely on their attitude as a person.

3.  Day Off – Hour Off or Nothing at All

  • Most people working on a cruise ship don’t have any day off as stated in their contract.  Which means that each crew member needs to work for 10 or more hours a day, 7 days a week within 5 to 10 months contract.  Unless, if the department heads are good enough to offer a day off or an hour off on a regular basis.  Thus, the chance for getting a day off or an hour off is if the managers are expecting for the slack flow of service so there’s no need for more people.
  • This precisely the main reason why cruise ship offers a high salary.  Crew members are working like “ROBOTS”.

4.  Mess Foods — Good or Gross?

  • Crew Mess and Staff Mess foods can be freshly cooked foods or leftovers stuffs from the service line of the guests.  Yes, leftovers from prior service or yesterday’s service.  Galley cooks will simply reheat everything and will add some finishing touches to make it look more appealing to crew members.  For picky eater crew members, this fact can be totally gross.
  • As mentioned earlier, Galley cooks also prepare meals from scratch but using a limited menu.  Of course, they’re always up to the meal budget per employee.


8 Disadvantages of Working on a Cruise Line


5.  Experiencing Rough Sea

  • Rough Sea means a problem.  Most people onboard will get seasick and most items onboard will fall down.  However, this happening can be prevented since the Captain onboard will always get an updated news in case of possible bad weather conditions along the way.

6.  Quality of Life Onboard

  • Plain and simply, Wake Up – Eat – Work – Sleep.  Just repeat the process twice for a day.  Crew members with tight schedule won’t be able to go outside.  Otherwise, it’s a good thing for day workers if the cruise ship will stay in port overnight.  Mostly, night workers have the luxury of time to roam around the place for almost the whole day.

7.  Internet Access and Water are Priced as Gold

  • More than 6 hours internet connection costs 30 Usd.  It’s precisely the reason why most crew members are looking forward to cruise terminals with free wifi.  If not available, they would check out restaurants where they can eat something just to get a free wifi access.
  • A liter of mineral water costs $1.  Even if crew ships have their filtering system to produce drinking water, most crew members prefer to buy bottled mineral water.

8.  Homesick Survival

  • Homesickness is the number 1 problem of crew members onboard.  Furthermore, that kind of feeling gets totally worse when stress from work starts to build up, the condition of not having enough sleep add up, the chance of going outside decreases and connection with loved ones lessens.


*** In every situation, there’s always pros and cons.  Thus, the above list of 8 Disadvantages of Working on a Cruise Line has its counterpart, the list of 8 Perks of Working on a Cruise Ship.  In which case, only crew members can truly relate to these raised points. ***

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