8 Barbecue Tools and Equipment

1.  Aluminum Foil

  • Used as a wrapper for maintaining the heat of the food inside during and after cooking.

2.  Bamboo Skewer

  • Used for holding foods together.  Typically small food items such as shrimps.

3.  Griller

  • Used for cooking foods.

4.  Offset Spatula

  • Used for turning foods easily while grilling it.

5.  Pastry Brush

  • Used for basting sauces to keep foods moist.

6.  Tong

  • Used for picking the food without losing any juice.

7.  Water Jug

  • Used for extinguishing any flare-ups caused by fat dripping.

8.  Wire Brush

  • Used for cleaning and removing excess meat stuck on the grill.
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