7 Weight Loss Diet Tips


weight loss diet tips
Your face when everybody talks about DIET!

Here are some of the most important weight loss diet tips you can start to be part of your habit…

1. Enjoy your food, Eat slowly

Enjoying food doesn’t mean eating whatever or whenever you want to.  So number one in our list of weight loss diet tips is to eat slowly.  Eating slowly gives your body time to digest foods and to recognize if you’ll be needing more food to satisfy your hunger.  Did you know that researchers found out that it will take 20 minutes for the brain to react whether or not you are full.

2. Make peace, not war… Be friends with Veggies

As we are aware of, our food preference starts during our younger years.  The time when our parents decide what we should or we shouldn’t eat at all.  Lucky for you if your parents know the value of what we call “Balance Diet”.

Even if some people tend to eat fruits more often just to replace their vegetable deficiency, it is still highly recommendable to eat a balance diet which includes eating veggies all the time.

Vegetables contain health boosting nutrients which help our body keep on going.  Some prefer to be a vegetarian too because most vegetables contain less than 100 calories, meaning a chance to lose more weight!

3. Dump junk and processed food, Love natural snacks

Fast food establishments start to grow so fast, just like mushrooms growing everywhere!  Their foods are absolutely mouth water and affordable, but are these considered as healthy stuffs for our body?

Even ready to eat foods like for example instant noodle or canned food.  One more thing are the processed meats like hotdogs, bacon, sausages, etc. that most people love to eat not only during breakfast but any time of the day.  These foods have been a busy individual’s best friend right?

Try to eliminate all of these and start eating natural snacks such as fruits, vegetables and nuts.  These healthy snacks contain less calories, but make an individual feel fuller as well.

4. Own your kitchen, be a CHEF!

Most of us already having a hard time balancing career and personal life.  What more if we add another activity in our schedule which is Cooking!

Spending time in your kitchen gives you the chance to maintain the quality of food you are eating every single meal.  You don’t need to be a professional chef just to make your own food.  Mr. Google is always there for you whenever you need help for some recipes!

A simple sandwich with a cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and ham, is just one of the simplest food you can make within few minutes before starting your busy schedule.

Another thing is why not make your own smoothie?  Or salad?  Just toss in your favorite fruits and vegetables and add whatever you have inside your pantry cabinet like salad dressing.  Yeah I know that salad dressing is packed with calories as well, but come to think of it, your salad is still far way better than eating burger with fries and softdrink of your favorite fast food chain!

5. Put a kick into your meal

Adding spiciness into your food allows your body to increase its temperature which temporarily increases your metabolism.  Try eating spicy foods and you will notice you’ll start sweating just like when you’re doing your workout.

6. Pump up your body with lots of water

Drinking water regulates your body temperature and ensures proper circulation of nutrients inside your body.  It also keeps you hydrated to prevent your metabolism from slowing down which makes it helpful in losing weight.

7. Take time to enjoy your guilty pleasure foods

Most of us freak out every time we hear the word “DIET” because what automatically comes into my mind is the word “SACRIFICE”.  Too much list of not to eat foods and list of what to do exercises.  We tend to be afraid of changing or of giving up what we used to.

Wherein reality, “DIET” means “DISCIPLINE”.  We don’t need to turn our back to our favorite fast food meal or to our favorite instant food.  We just need to practice the right eating habits in order for us to achieve healthy living.

Just think about a parent and a child situation.  Parents used to give prizes to their children once they attained high grades in school.  Same thing, we can give a reward to ourselves during weekends if we successfully followed our diet plan within the past 5 days.  At least we won’t end up craving for foods we loved to eat, then going back again to our old eating habits.



***  You can now start practicing all the listed weight loss diet tips above.  Though you don’t really need to do it all in one time.  Just by taking baby steps, you will definitely reach your ultimate goal!  No pressure, take your time.  Goodluck to everyone! ***

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