7 Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen Equipment

1.  Chocolate Tempering Machine

  • An equipment used for tempering chocolates easily.

2.  Ice Cream Maker

  • An equipment used in making ice creams or sorbets. The mixture freezes against the wall of the canister. It scrapes off and remixes the mixture again to prevent the ice crystal formation.

3.  Electric Rice Cooker

  • An equipment with a pot and cover used for steaming rice.

4.  Electric Mixer

  • An equipment with wire whisk attachment used in mixing ingredients. It has the stand which supports the whole mixer. It comes with plastic or metal bowl that can be locked in place while using the mixer.

5.  Food Processor

  • An equipment with a different set of blades used for cutting, grinding, slicing or mixing ingredients based on what the recipe calls for.

6.  Hand Mixer

  • A hand-held mixer with wire whisk attachment used in mixing ingredients. The user has full control of it while in use.

7.  Oven Toaster

  • A small equipment used for cooking a small portion of food items.
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