6 Hacks to Maximize Space in Your Luggage

6 Hacks to Maximize Space in Your Luggage

Many travelers hate packing their things especially if they want to get more items with them.  Below, we will discuss some important tips for packing your things wisely.

6 Hacks to Maximize Space in Your Luggage

1. Use medicine case in packing small items or even valuable items like pieces of jewelry.

  • Keep all small items including valuables in a pill organizer to avoid damaging or losing it while traveling.

2. Roll clothes instead of folding it.

  • Save space by tightly rolling your clothes.  It’s much easier to pack clothes this way because of its shape plus less wrinkle for your clothes.

3. Stuff shoes with small items like lotion, shampoo or even socks.

  • Shoes can consume too much space, but without nothing inside of it.  Simply put small items inside of your shoes, but make sure to wrap it nicely just to avoid unnecessary spills.

4. Put breakables inside a plastic bag and wrap it with clothes.

  • Most baggage handlers don’t care about what’s inside your luggage.  To make it safe, pack all your breakables properly.  A plastic bag is necessary just in case it broke into pieces, it will create a lesser mess inside your luggage.  While clothes can help lessen the force when they start throwing your luggage.

5. Remove the box of an item and keep it in a handy bag.

  • A box can be a number one space consuming item inside your luggage so get rid of it.  If its a soap put it in a plastic bag.  If its a toothpaste, seal the cap and put in a plastic bag.  Then keep all items inside a handy bag and place it in between clothes.

6. Wear the bulkiest and heaviest clothes.

  • Most airline companies are very strict when it comes to the weight of your luggage.  Make sure to wear the heaviest clothes you want to bring with you.  Even the bulkiest clothes must not be kept inside your luggage to maximize the space.
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