5 Money Management Tips When Traveling Abroad


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Travelling abroad can be too expensive if not properly planned.  It is a must for you to make a precise plan for your trip.

Here are the Top 5 Money Management Tips When Traveling Abroad:

1. Create a Budget Plan

  • Make a budget for your activities, food, transportation and even souvenir items.  There are lots of wonderful places and great items you might want to visit or to buy when travelling in foreign places so better stick to your budget plan.

2. Bring New Foreign Currency Notes

  • Make sure to bring a new one because some places abroad might reject blemished, torn or old currency notes.  Better buy foreign currency notes in a respective money changer.

3. Know the Currency Exchange Rate

  • Make a wise decision of how much foreign money you need for your whole travel.  A per day withdrawal basis maybe advisable, but bear in mind that exchange rate varies each day.  Currency Converter websites are available online for easy checking of the current exchange rate.

4. Make Visa Cards Handy

  • Make your visa cards convenient to use.  Rather than having large amount of foreign currency with you, simply bring visa cards/debit cards with you.  It is much safer especially when travelling in foreign countries.

5. Inform the Authorized Bank 

  • Make a call to your authorized bank and inform them about your upcoming travel plan.  Some banks might block any unusual transactions as a protection of their clients interest.

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