42 Important Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Tools

1.  Ball Cutter or Melon Ball Scooper or Parisienne Knife

  • A cup-shaped or half sphere cutter with handle used for making small balls out of fruits and vegetables.

2.  Bamboo Skewer

  • A wooden stick with one pointed end and one flat end used for holding chunks of food items together.

3.  Bamboo Sushi Mat

  • A strips of bamboo formed into a mat used for making sushi.

4.  China Cap

  • A cone-shaped strainer used for straining sauces, soups and stocks.

5.  Chinois or Fine China Cap

  • Same as china cap but with a very fine mesh used for straining sauces, soups and stocks with great clarity.

6.  Citrus Juicer

  • An inverted cone-shaped plastic attached in a container used for extracting juice from citrus fruits.

7.  Colander

  • A stainless steel perforated bowl used for draining cooked or washed fruits or vegetables.

8.  Cook’s Fork

  • A fork-like kitchen tool with a long handle used for lifting and turning heavy meats.

9.  Chopping Board or Cutting Board

  • A tool used as a base when cutting different food items. Cutting board is typically made of wood, rubber and plastic. Bacteria survive in this kitchen tool so it’s important to keep cutting boards clean and to sanitize it always. Color-coded boards must be used to lessen the chances of cross-contamination.

10.  Chopstick

  • A pair of wood or metal type sticks used for picking up a small cut foods easily.

11.  Dipping Utensil

  • A metal piece with wooden or plastic handle used for holding candy or chocolate.

12.  Food Mill

  • A bowl type tool with hand turned blade used for pureeing foods. Different blades produced different fineness quality.

13.  Grater

  • A stainless steel, four-sided metal box used for grating cheese, shredding vegetables and shaving zest of citrus fruits.

14.  Heavy Duty Can Opener

  • A heavy metal mounted on the edge of the kitchen working table used for opening canned food.

15.  Kitchen Towel

  • A piece of cloth used for cleaning knives, drying kitchen utensils or removing food items on the chopping boards.

16.  Kitchen Timer

  • A timer used for alarming the cook if food has finished cooking.

17.  Mandoline

  • A manual slicing tool with blade placed in a flat metal piece. Position mandoline on top of a working table at a 45 degree angle before using it. Blades can be adjusted base on the thickness required. Flat blade is used to make julienne and batonnet slices. Serrated blade is used to make waffle slices.

18.  Microwaveable Bowl

  • A microwave proof bowl used for melting food items including chocolates.

19.  Mise en place Bowls

  • A set of small bowls used for organizing all ingredients needed when cooking a dish.

20.  Mixing and Preparation Bowls

  • A ceramic, glass, plastic or stainless steel bowl used for mixing and whipping ingredients.

21.  Offset Spatula

  • A angled and broad spatula used for lifting and turning food items such as eggs, pancakes and meats on griddles or grills.

22.  Plane Grater or Microplane

  • A flat grater with handle used for grating food items in various fineness quality.

23.  Salad Spinner

  • A plastic container with a bowl type strainer inside and spinning cover attached to it, typically used for drying up vegetables.

24.  Sandwich Spreader

  • A shorter and thicker spatula used for spreading fillings on sandwiches.

25.  Sharpening Steel

  • A tool used for honing knife’s blade.

26.  Shears

  • A scissor used for opening kitchen items or trimming food items such as fish fins.

27.  Skimmer

  • A slightly cupped, perforated disk with a long handle used for skimming froth settled on top of soups, stocks and other liquids.

28.  Slotted and Perforated Spoon

  • A stainless steel spoon used for separating liquids from solid food items.

29.  Solid Spoon

  • A stainless steel spoon used for mixing, stirring or serving food items.

30.  Wooden Spoon

  • A wooden spoon used for mixing dough or other ingredients.

31.  Stainless Steel Bowl

  • A round-bottomed stainless steel bowl used for mixing and whipping food items. Its round bottom make it easier to reach all areas while whipping.

32.  Tong

  • A clip, string type tool used for handling food items.

33.  Vegetable Peeler

  • A tool with a slotted and swiveled blade used for peeling fruits and vegetables.

34.  Wire Mesh Strainer

  • A cup-shaped strainer with a fine mesh and handle used for straining pasta, vegetables and other food item.

35.  Tweezers

  • A small metal tool used for plucking fish bones to make a perfect fish fillet.

36.  Zester

  • A small hand tool with handle used for scraping the zest of a citrus fruit.

37.  Heavy Wire Whip

  • A stiff and straight stainless steel wire with handle used for beating, mixing and stirring heavy liquids.

38.  Balloon Wire Whip or Piano Wire Whip

  • A flexible stainless steel wire with handle used for whipping eggs or cream and mixing thin liquids.

39.  Griller

  • A metal flat surface with spaces in between used for barbecuing foods.

40.  Wire Brush or Metal Scourer

  • A wire brush used for cleaning barbecue grill.

41.  Water Jug

  • A container with or without faucet used for storing water.

42.  Storage Container

  • A container used for keeping food items such as candy, chocolate, herbs, salsa, etc.
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