34 Essential Baking Tools

Baking Tools

1.  Blow Torch

  • A hand tool used for caramelizing sugar or browning surface of a pastry item.

2.  Cookie Sheet

  • A thin sheet of used for cooking cookies or breads or cooling candy.

3.  Drum Sieve or Tamis

  • A round metal frame with a screen type mesh used for sifting dry ingredients or for pureeing soft food items.

4.  Hydrometer or Sugar Densimeter or Saccharometer and Baume Hydrometer

  • A weighted glass tube with scale marked used to test the density of sugar syrups. It floats higher in denser solutions.

5.  Marble Slab

  • A high quality stone material placed on top of kitchen work surface. The cool surface of marble is ideal to use when working with pastry doughs.

6.  Pan Extender

  • A fiberglass or metal frame used to make a sheet pan deeper.

7.  Peel

  • A flat and thin wooden board with a long handle used for putting and removing breads from deck ovens.

8.  Pie Server

  • A wedge-shaped spatula used for lifting crusted food from the pan.

9.  Turntable

  • A flat and roundtable which turns freely used for holding cakes while decorating.

10.  Whisk

  • A stainless steel looped wires attached to a handle used for foaming, mixing and whipping food items. It comes in different sizes.

11.  Bench Brush

  • A larger pastry brush used for removing flour from working table.

12.  Pastry Brush

  • A cluster of bristles attached to a handle used for brushing food items with egg wash or glaze.

13.  Cookie Cutter or Pastry Cutter

  • A plastic or stainless steel cutter used in making different shapes and sizes of cookies or pastries.

14.  Pastry Wheel or Wheel Knife

  • Around and rotating blade with a handle used for cutting dough or baked foods.

15.  Roller Cutter or Pizza Cutter

  • A cutter with handle on one end used to cut dough accurately, efficiently and quickly.

16.  Roller Docker

  • A spiky rotating tube with handle used for piercing rolled out dough to prevent bubbles on the surface while baking.

17.  Rolling Pin

  • A plastic or wooden rotating rod with handles on both sides used for rolling pie, pizza or other doughs.

18.  Bench Scraper or Dough Scraper or Dough Knife

  • A broad and stiff rectangular piece of metal with a wooden or plastic handle used for cutting and portioning dough and for scraping food items stick on working table.

19.  Bowl Scraper

  • A one curved edge plastic scraper without handle used for scraping food items inside of a mixing bowl.

20.  Rubber Spatula

  • A broad, flat and flexible rubber spatula with a long handle used for baking to fold in foamed eggs and whipped cream. Also used in scraping food items stick on bowls and pans.

21.  Pizza Spatula

  • A large and heavy duty spatula used for transferring and serving pizzas.

22.  Straight Spatula or Palette Knife or Bowl Knife

  • A long and flexible blade with round end used for spreading and smoothing icing on cakes or scraping food items stick on bowl.

23.  Couche

  • A sheet of heavy canvass or cloth used as a support when proofing some breads. The cloth is placed on a sheet pan to form troughs. These troughs served as dividers to avoid breads from touching each other while proofing.

24.  Cupcake Papers

  • A crumpled paper used as a liner in cupcake molds. It comes in a variety of designs and colors.

25.  Parchment Paper or Baking Paper or Wax Paper

  • A thin sheet of paper used to line baking pans without the need of grease. Also used as a piping cones for decorating cakes and other desserts.

26.  Cling Wrap or Cling Film or Plastic Wrap

  • A thin plastic film used to cover dough in a bowl while allowing it to rise.

27.  Aluminum Foil

  • A sort of metallic sheet used for covering pans or for wrapping foods while cooking.

28.  Acetate Sheet

  • A clear plastic sheet used in lining some cakes, desserts and pastries. Often used in making decorative chocolate designs.

29.  Silicone Mat

  • A nonstick mat used to line baking pans or baking sheets.

30.  Cake Rack or Wire Rack

  • A wired rack used for holding baked items to allow air to circulate.

31.  Decorating Tip or Nozzle

  • A plastic or stainless steel tube fitted inside the small hole of a piping bag. It comes in set of interchangeable pieces. Each tip has different shape and size for different design.

32.  Icing Comb

  • A small plastic or metal, triangular shaped tool with serrated edges used for decorating cake icings and other pastry decors. It comes with various patterns.

33.  Piping Bag or Pastry Bag

  • A cone-shaped handheld bag made of cloth, plastic or paper used for decorating cakes with icing or for piping some soft food like mashed potato. A large opening on one end where food items are placed. Small opening on the other end where metal tubes in various shapes and sizes are fitted.

34.  Pizza Stone

  • A clay stone used for cooking pizza. It distributes evenly heat and absorb moisture which gives the crisp crust for pizza.
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