23 Pizza Tools and Equipment

Pizza Tools and Equipment

1.  Chopping Board

  • Used as a base for cutting cooked pizza or pizza toppings.

2.  Cling Wrap or Cling Film or Plastic Wrap

  • Used to cover bowl when proofing pizza dough.

3.  Electric Mixer

  • Used for mixing pizza crust ingredients.

4.  Grater

  • Used for grating cheese.

5.  Knife

  • Used for cutting pizza toppings.

6.  Ladle

  • Used for measuring pizza sauce.

7.  Marble Slab

  • Used as a work surface when rolling out pizza dough.

8.  Measuring Spoons

  • Used for measuring pizza crust ingredients accurately.

9.  Measuring Cups

  • Used for measuring pizza crust ingredients accurately.

10.  Mise en place Bowls

  • Used for organizing pizza ingredients which are already measured.

11.  Mixing Bowls

  • Used for mixing pizza crust ingredients all together.

12.  Oven

  • Used for baking pizza.

13.  Pastry Brush

  • Used for brushing oil into the surface of pizza pan.

14.  Pizza Cutter

  • Used for cutting cooked pizza.

15.  Pizza Pan

  • Used for cooking pizza.

16.  Pizza Spatula

  • Used for transferring pizza from pan to chopping board. Also used as a serving spatula for a pizza slice.

17.  Pizza Stone

  • Used for cooking pizza directly, without the use of any pizza pan.

18.  Rolling Pins

  • Used for flattening pizza dough evenly.

19.  Sauce Pan

  • Used for cooking pizza sauce.

20.  Thermometer

  • Used for determining the temperature of the oven.

21.  Weighing Scale

  • Used for measuring portion of pizza accurately.

22.  Heavy Wire Whip

  • Used for mixing pizza crust ingredients.

23.  Wooden Spoon

  • Used for stirring pizza sauce.
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