16 Sushi Making Tools and Equipment

Sushi Making Tools and Equipment

1.  Aluminum Foil

  • Used for covering fish or sushi while cooking it.

2.  Bamboo Skewers

  • Used for holding chunks of food items together.

3.  Bamboo Sushi Mat

  • Used for rolling sushi and for making it compact.

4.  Chopsticks

  • Used for picking up small

5.  Cling Wrap or Cling Film or Plastic Wrap

  • Used for making bamboo sushi mat nonstick while making a sushi roll.

6.  Cutting Board

  • Used as a base for cutting or slicing ingredients.

7.  Electric Rice Cooker

  • Used for cooking Japanese rice.

8.  Kitchen Towel

  • Used for cleaning chopping board and knife.

9.  Measuring Cups

  • Used for measuring sushi ingredients accurately.

10.  Measuring Spoons

  • Used for measuring sushi ingredients accurately.

11.  Saute Pan

  • Used for cooking other sushi ingredients such as egg.

12.  Wooden Spoon

  • Used for scooping Japanese rice.

13.  Oven Toaster

  • Used for cooking a small portion of any sushi ingredient easily.

14.  Utility Knife or Sashimi Knife or Sashimi – hocho

  • Used for carving meat, cutting vegetable, slicing sushi or filleting fish.

15.  Tweezers

  • Used for removing fish bones.

16.  Vegetable Peeler

  • Used for trimming off the vegetable skin.
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