13 Types of Baking Molds and Pans

Baking Molds and Pans

1.  Banneton

  • A lined basket used for shaping bread doughs during proofing stage.

2.  Baking Pan

  • A square or rectangular pan used for baking any food items.

3.  Cake Pan

  • A straight sided pan in various shapes and sizes used for baking cake.

4.  Cake Ring

  • A stainless steel rings used for shaping and holding layered desserts with fillings.

5.  Hotel Pan

  • A rectangular pan used for baking and steaming breads and other baked items.

6.  Loaf Pan

  • A rectangular pan used for baking loaf breads. It can also be used as a mold for making frozen desserts.

7.  Pie Pan

  • A shallow pan with sloping sides used for baking pies.

8.  Pizza Pan

  • A deep or shallow, circular or rectangular pan used for baking pizzas.

9.  Sheet Pan

  • A shallow rectangular pan used for baking breads, cake rolls, cookies and other baked items.

10.  Spring Form Pan

  • A cake pan with removable bottom used for baking cheesecakes and other delicate baked items.

11.  Tube Pan

  • A deep cake pan with a tube in the middle. The tube is designed to achieve even baking of cake.

12.  Muffin Pan Muffin Mold or Cupcake Mold

  • A cup-shaped mold used for baking cupcakes or muffins. It can also be used in cooking other pastries such as pies and molding chocolates.

13.  Chocolate Mold

  • A plastic or silicone mold used for molding chocolates, either with fillings inside or without.
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