11 Specialty Molds and Pans

Specialty Molds and Pans

1.  Baba Mold

  • A small thimble-shaped mold used for making babas.

2.  Barquette

  • A small boat-shaped mold used for making petite fours and tartlets.

3.  Bombe Mold

  • A dome-shaped mold used for making frozen desserts.

4.  Brioche Mold

  • A flared pan with fluted side used for making brioches.

5.  Charlotte Mold

  • A flat-bottomed and round mold with two handles used for making charlottes.

6.  Petite Four Mold

  • A tiny metal mold in various shapes used for baking assorted petite fours and tartlets.

7.  Savarin Mold

  • A small ring-shaped mold used for baking savarin.

8.  Cornstick Pan

  • A corn shaped pan used for baking cornbreads.

9.  Madeleine Pan

  • A shell-shaped pan used for baking madeleines.

10.  Pullman Pan

  • A special loaf pan but has a straight sides used for making Pullman bread.

11.  Tart Pan

  • A shallow and removable bottom pan with fluted sides used for baking tarts. It comes in various shapes.
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